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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Put it all Down on the Road

When I roll out of bed tomorrow morning, I think I might repeat the phrase, "Put it all on the road." According to Carmichael, this is what Big Tex said to Popo when he launched on the climb to Courchevel. Popo was totally spent, hears these words and stands for one last attack; WOW.

And today we have Vino showing why he is the MAN that the fat pink german girly girl will never be. Vino launching an attack after being left for dead. Allez Vino! Roodlicht thinks that Big Tex calls fat jan his biggest rival to mentally crush him rather than really meaning it; Roodlicht may just ber right.

Oh yeah, Roodlicht and I rode Monarch at sunrise this morning. It was so hot I had my jersey open half way through the ride. If you remember last year, there was only one or two rides without arm warmers! I hate the heat.

Dik of Snel


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