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Friday, October 27, 2006

Stealing from Reagan

For those of you playing along at home, the ‘net never seems to let me down.  Lately we have seen increasing number of visitors have come to this site by way of trustbut.  I personally find the connection very cool as this is the promise of the internet…connection.

If you haven’t seen the site, it is worth the visit as TBV does a great job aggregating a ton of information on the subject of Floyd Landis, the frog boneheads, the chemistry, the philosophy of a cheat etc, etc.  You can get lost for hours reading all of the chemistry alone.

While dude running that site clearly states that he is “personally biased towards Floyd”, it’s not clear to me why he does this.  It is not quite as silly as the TylerHamiltonis innocent.com from a few years ago as TBV does a lot more work.  Maybe he is secretly on the payroll of Landis.com and is running internet spin!!

In the end I questioned my motives for BansheeCycling.  While it started to chronicle our 2004 trip to the Ride for the Roses, it now serves as a history of commentary on cycling news, bitch’n photos/video and great rides in and around our hood.  I am not sure if this is interesting to anyone but the authors, but in the end it is a great outlet for shitty writing and even shittier graphics…..although the graphics a looking a lot better….and I still reserve the right to change them all the friggn time!


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