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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The line on my arm

You have all probably noticed that the line between the deep brown and the milky white skin on your arms has all but disappeared. This is a sad reckoning as cyclists wear this “farmers” tan with extreme pride. This is because the deeper the contrast on your arms, the more miles contained in your legs.

So what to do in those dreary days of winter when you are stuck inside like the kid staring out the window on a rainy day? You pray that God gives you a glorious day like today. Seventy-one degrees, not a breath of wind. It is at this moment you grab your machine and ride Monarch as hard as you can, sans sunscreen, hoping to lay down a new layer of melatonin.

Let me just tell you that today was a near perfect ride. Plenty of sunny day cyclists to crush, high speeds and no water on the road. Cap this with a stop in at M$ney’s football party while wearing a full cycling kit, it doesn’t get much better. (Needless to say the beer swilling fatties of the Banshee Softball team were amused when I rolled in sporting lycra head to toe!)

So I get back from the ride behold my handy work; the first pinkish tint has returned right where it is supposed to be. Aaah to be on the road again; blowing lights, tearing the legs off of the fatties, laying flat on the seat for extra speed!!! And to top it off, the line on my arm is radiating once again.

Fat or Fast


At January 23, 2005 9:21 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

While it wasn't hot, and it wasn't wind-free, I rode Chatfield saturday PM. It's nice to notice that off-season, off-bike training seems to make an impact. Hammered it in timetrial fashion, very smooth, no big issues. Except the bike got dirty.

Skiing Sunday, 50 degrees in WinterPark, chicks showing skin, snow melting fast... Is it summer yet?


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