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Monday, February 28, 2005

Dripping in sweat, begging for mercy

I took Redlight's cyclo-core DVD for a test run this morning. Actually, I previewed it last night as a better choice than the Oscars. This morning I put the work out in play.

After futzing around with the different DVD players in the house, I got one to work that wasn't in my bedroom; Anne appreciated this effort. I wandered into the section that is called "body-weight" work outs which involves calisthenics style movements. I might add the yoga adds a little "Hindu" flavor to the work outs.

While none of the individual workouts are difficult, the crushing pace and zero rest between gets to you. Pretty soon I was, as the title says, dripping in sweat, begging for mercy. Dude hammers out this exercises like they are covered in chocolate.

My only prayer is the Redlight says they get easier with practice. They better or I might have to find another sport, or some slower riders to hang out with. The benefits are obvious. When riding in the aerobars this past Saturday, I threw out a goal to Redlight, "all out to the white sign" which was 300 yards in front of us.

As I began hammering the pedals, Redlight just pulled away leaving me in the dust. It was clear, the strength training was a big difference.

Bottom line, these exercises are brutally difficult at the pace set by the dude on the DVD. I think I might keep at it as they are all cyclo-specific.

Fast or Fat


At February 28, 2005 10:47 AM, Blogger Redlight said...

Glad you liked it. Now, if you're in as bad a shape as I was when I started the DVD, you'll be sore later this week.

Enjoy the benefits.


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