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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A day like any other...

Yeah, somewhere on the blog Hammerson commented that he was skiing today while the rest of us worked to earn a few cheese burgers. But while Mr 6'3" was cutting a groove in the freshies of Keystone, it was a busy day for me.

First, I got faster. Frigg'n cyclo core is getting easier as evidenced by pulling the "Crow" for the full 30 seconds. I'm gonna fly at CCTT.

Second, two deaths in the Death Pool; Chris Le Doux and Glenn Davis if your playing at home. My brother in law is now in the lead with that Cowboy songwriter pick.

Third, another weather shortened day in Paris-Nice. Surprised the BlueNan didn't score the win. BTW, where the hell is Disco anyway? Why ride if you are not going to try to win with someone. If LA is waiting for the TdF, why doesn't he play domestique for someone else. I can't stand to watch Disco's half ass effort. It sucks.

Fourth, I decided to "fold a hand" on a big real estate deal; Long story, very difficult.

Fifth, LA drops one of the most confusing statements I have heard from him. He was speaking to some French newspaper on the Parisian bid for the 2012 games. Check the quote from SI below.

SI.com - Summer Olympics - Paris deserves 2012 Games, says Armstrong - Wednesday March 9, 2005 1:52PM: "'It's a complicated question. To be honest, I believe Paris deserves the Games,' Armstrong was quoted as saying by daily Le Parisian on their website on Wednesday.
'They (Paris) had the best bid for 2008 and it eventually went to Beijing, probably for some other reasons. But the Paris bid is great, that's for sure,' he said. 'Paris is a legend city on this planet."

Biggest lesson of the day; don't ride rollers while watching Patachi/Cooke/McEwen etc sprint for a finish. Its really hard to stay vertical when it feels like you are being pushed into the barriers!

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