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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So you think you are fast?

One of the most intense experiences I have had while cycling was the feeling in the pit of my stomach before the first Cherry Creek Time Trial last year. Here we were, thinking what total badasses we are with a bike. We roll into the parking lot and are totally surrounded by superstuds on machines that cost more than my first house. Whoa Nelly are we in trouble!

If you think that we were unjustified in being completely intimidated by just the sight of these team guys, you're wrong. We got crushed.

From that time on I have become fascinated with local teams. There are tons of team across the country that you rarely see. Pretty good chance that the "continental teams" are even stronger than the dudes who killed Redlight and I last year. Below is a link to a list of the 2005 continental teams which means that they are full fledged teams that race in different states (ie Webcor, Health Net etc). I just spent 15 minutes Googling in some of the teams and got the same feeling from last year's time trials; these dudes can crush you at will.

Cycling4all: facts & figures

I think I'm gonna go home and ride until I drop....

Snail Dik


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