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Thursday, April 07, 2005

More Speculation

As rabid fans, it is always intriguing to speculate on what is going on with the "titans" of our sport. That being said, SI has an article today laying out the reasons that LA may bail on Pro Cycling after the Tour. In fact they reference a quote from Gazzetta.

SI.com - More Sports - Armstrong: Retirement is a possibility after Tour de France - Thursday April 7, 2005 1:10PM: "'Four more months and it's over ...,' the 33-year-old was quoted as saying in Gazzetta dello Sport."

Personally, I think if he does, Bob Roll might just kick his butt. Roll went on to a 10 year career on the Mountain bike Circuit. But then again, LA doesn't need the dough and Bobke did. The bigger question will be if OLN will still cover cycling once LA bails. If I were running the cycling section of OLN, I might be working hard on ways to make the sport more than just LA coverage. Get people interested in the other American riders; something to root for when LA is gone.


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