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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Is Redlight really Lance?

We have all heard the story of last year's Bob Cook race in which Redlight got blasted by Tom Danielson on the slopes of Mount Evans. What we didn't hear were the reports that Tom was actually there to pace Redlight to the summit. This occured to me as I read Graham Watson's report from the Paris-Camembert race.

See below:

ThePaceline.com - News Items: "Danielson paced Lance on the climbs, then Lance paced or encouraged Danielson on the flats until only Brochard remained in front. Lance pedaled as he does in his best days, his shoulders and hips swiveled as only his do, and his eyes exuded that steely, scary, concentration that re-assures us that all is well with him once more. For one more campaign "

So maybe, just maybe, the truth is that Redlight wasn't supposed to get dropped on Mt. Evans. I hear that he just didn't have the form that day and when Danielson went to pull him up, Redlight was heard to exclaim,"Tom, you better ride like you stole something!"

Dik of Snel


At March 30, 2005 8:04 AM, Blogger Redlight said...

SSShhhhhh... The peleton doesn't look kindly on those that moonlight as dental torturers in their time away from the bike.

By the way, I read that pros ride as many as 18,000 miles per year... no wonder they're 5 times as fast/strong.


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