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Monday, March 21, 2005

Amino Acids

A couple of weeks back I visited the Hammerson Lending Library. This is a pretty cool place because they don't waste shelf space with any self help or children's books. No, this is strictly a music, bike book and DVD facility.

In this library you can find all manner of bike history, awesome races and a few tomes on what it is to be a bike racer.

On this occasion, I received a book authored by none other that Bob Roll. Seems that he had taken time away from his OLN shenanigans to assemble a few pages of his bike journal and ship them off to Velo Press. Then end result is a romping book called "Bobke II".

The book is really a laugh because, as we already know, Bobke lost all of his marbles whilst sitting on a saddle. The world of pro cycling is screwy.

I have recently read a section of the book the re-tells the story of some euro showing up at his Albuquerque door step. Seems this Euro (Pan-Pan?) had been on the team with the eventual Tour de France winner and was stuffed to the gunnels with cash that was his take of the TdF prize money. (As an aside, we learn that LeMond kept all of his winnings and never shared with his team.)

In addition to blowing the Euro's cash on a Harley Davidson, we learn that the Euro is very interested in picking up a ton of amino acids for training. This is what struck me most in the book as Hammerson has been seeking these same amino acids in the form of Carrot Cake and Key Lime Pie.

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