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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Velo News

For some unexplainable reason, I let my subscription to Velonews expire. I hadn't really noticed it though as I the kind folks at Velonews continue to send the rag every two weeks. I guess I must truly be "Lord Pimp" and that is why they feel they must pay homage.

Today, however, I received my Feb 1 copy which has LA's ugly mug plastered on the cover. I figured that this would be another blah version spewing on and on about how great disco is and how no one can beat them; that's not really news is it? To my delight it is their annual "05 teams issue". I love this one 'cause I can read about all of the teams, who's on 'em, and who's gonna kick who's ass.

There is of course the obligatory "Disco is Great" story. But I think the Horner story kind of makes up for it. So do the photos of Leipheimer head to toe in a Gerolstiner kit. Hard to believe it ain't Rabobank. Who's left on Rabo anyway....Redlight? One word of caution. You might need to avert your eyes when you see Cipo's "badness" in the Liqidgas team page......uuuuuugh.

With the racing season just underway, I for one am getting worked up for a ride outside. Unfortunately, looks like the weather is gonna be a downer for Sunday.


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