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Friday, January 28, 2005

Training Effort

Redlight has made the suggestion that last year he and I may have been suffering from the effects of overtraining. While this seems hard to believe, he might be right.

Last year a typical training week encompassed 100 to 125 miles, very few were flat or easy. What I have noticed these past few weeks is that if I take two days off from training, the third day seems to be effortlessly powerful. Case and point is tonight. I skipped the last two nights workout because I was wupped. Tonight I rode an average pace of nearly 23 mph and kept my heart rate at an astoundingly low 150!

This leads me to believe that once we have captured the aerobic conditioning needed for training, extra rest allows for bigger efforts from the legs. This should result in stronger muscles and more power output.

In the end, I think I agree with Redlight's diagnosis of overtraining. Maybe a little more rest days and bigger efforts on the ride days.

Fast or Fat?


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