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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Got Ears?

Thursday afternoon, I had the chance to ride out in Steamboat Springs. Rather than look for the Moots factory, I rode out on Highway 40, and hit Rabbit Ears Pass. 2300 feet of constant climbing with grades from 4 to about 12 % in 7.3 miles. Very similar to Squaw pass, really.

Rode the round trip from the hotel, flying down with speeds at 50 mph on nice long straights that were an absolute bear uphill. I chased a local yocal, caught him and maintained a pace he could not copy.

Stacey wasn't coming up till later Friday afternoon, so I rode it again that day. Temps about 15 degrees lower, with clouds and the occasional spot of rain. I rode Thursday pushing as hard as I could. On Friday, I rode a steady, solid pace of about 8mph all the way. Turns out both rides were about the same time.

On Saturday, Stacey and I hiked about 4 miles up Storm mountain, gaining about 2200 feet altitude. Altogether, pretty good training weekend. I wanted to ride this morning, but the lightning and rain didn't stop until we were already half way home.

Oh, and the Harley is now in my garage, so count on me losing some sleep and training time getting this 24 year old beast back in running shape.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Skinny on Ulrich???


Check him out next to these other riders. He doesn't look fat to me. He held back at the Tour de Suisse, he can time trial, and he's bringing a newly focused team set to ride for him... I think he is at least better prepared than ever. What fun it will be.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Where are the other Banshees?

Awfully quiet on the blog these days. Is anyone riding? Is Greg's funk contagious? Did a white minivan take you out?

I rode 50 on Sunday and another 40 this morning. Still have to get home tonight which should add another 21 or so. Let me know if you want to ride this weekend. I just need to be back by 9:00 on Saturday. WAO on Sunday.

Also, I will be reporting on the Tour on the blog from the comfort of Casa de Henderson in Highlands Ranch. Look for rider diaries and in-depth and revealing rider interviews from the "Tour de Lance". Many of you may have already seen the pre-Tour diary dispatches from my buddy Jan Ullrich. Stay tuned for more.

Dik or Snel?

Score one for the White Minivan

From today's Rocky:

Rocky Mountain News: Legislature: "Denver lost its high ranking as a bike-friendly city because the Regional Transportation District scuttled plans for two bike/pedestrian bridges over Interstate 25 envisioned for the FasTracks project, two national bicycle groups said Monday. "

Monday, June 20, 2005

Jan Ulrich Diary - Part II

Dear diary,

Think pink in 2005. My team is very strong this year. Management elected not to bring Erik Zabel to the Tour to focus all efforts on getting me to second place. All of the other riders know that they come to the Tour fighting for stage wins and no better than third place on GC. Lance will win and second is mine.

As for my teammates, Andreas Kloden is a girly man - he has spent too much time in the winter modeling fancy clothes. Alexandre Vinokourov is a traitor - I know that he will sign with Discovery Channel during the winter and try to undermine me at the Tour. I am Der Kaiser. I am the only man for second place in the Tour.

Some say I have wasted the last six years focusing on second place in the Tour at the expense of other races. I disagree. No one has been second more times than me. I make lots of money, I get many women, I have cool cars and I eat whatever I want during the winter. Lance has to eat right. I get Dik. Thank you to my many fans in the 2nd Place Fan Club. I will not disappoint you this year like I did last year finishing fourth. I must finish second!


Jan Ulrich Diary

Dear diary,

I had good sensations in the Tour de Suisse. I was happy to get third as winning was not one of my goals for the year. I didn't get as fat this offseason, so I hope I can get back to second in the Tour. I believe that my preparation is right on track for me to finish 5 - 6 minutes behind Lance Armstrong again. Maybe I will try to win again next year when he is retired. See you in Fromentine.



Friday, June 17, 2005

Moon Over Horner

Reports are in that Horner will be riding the Tour. It will be interesting to see how dude holds up to the torture of three weeks in France. This is especially true in that dude blew up the US racing scene all last year. It might be a good gage of how far the US racers have to go to ride at the top of the Euro Peleton.

Friday's EuroFile: Horner headed to the Tour; What's up with Mayo?: "It's official: Chris Horner will be going to the Tour de France."

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

No Danielson at Tour

Tom will be riding the Tour of Austria in July, then gear up for the Vuelta. He's not going on the TdF.

I guess Lance doesn't want rookies with sore knees along side.

Oh, and Ulrich seems to be in good shape this year. Along with Vino, Mayo, Botero and a few outsiders, there's going to be some serious contenders at the TdF...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

High Grade, Low Temps

6:00 AM Sunday morning, my cell phone rings. Ofcourse, it was Q... were we riding, were we not? While I was on the fence, we agreed to tempt fate and roll out.

7:20 AM we left the warm, cozy confines of home. We noticed heavy clouds, but a slight break with blue skies above where we were headed. It soon started to warm up, and we hammered up Deer Creek. High Grade at about 55 degrees F is a pretty nice ride.

The clouds and temperatures made us decide to turn around at the top, after a brief stop at the school house. Now the temperature dropped to 51 as the clouds rolled in. It was a cold, and therefore, slow downhill with no speeds over 30mph or so untill the later parts of Deer Creek. We slugged it out on the Hill of Hell and then rolled home with just barely a sprinkle falling. We rolled in just in time. Shortly after putting the bike in the garage, a serious downpour started.

Guess you just get lucky sometimes. There were a lot of riders going up as we were coming down. No doubt they were caught in some nasty conditions.

After a hard ride with Fabio up Deer Creek yesterday, todays strong ride up High Grade with Q should put enough in my legs to make me sleep well tonight.

Dik of snel.

Georgie Wins Another Stage!

Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Americans flexed some muscles at the Dauphine, but a little Spanish guy won. Look out at le Tour. I'm predicting an American invasion. The Disco boys look strong, and they played some mind games at the Dauphine with the other teams.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bike Geek Stoke

Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
How cool is this. Get your own at www.vcgraphix.com. Amazingly, they are in Lakewood.

I'm out for the Sunday ride. Still trying to get over my Greg Streech memorial viral bacterial mono pneumonial death cold. Lost my voice today. Lovely!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Banshee Up

Sunday 6:45AM from Redlight's Cul-de-Sac, or 7:30AM from the Deer Creek Canyon Parking lot at Wadsworth.

Deer Creek 1/2 way, High Grade, Pine Meadows, back of Deer Creek and home.

Come rain, snow, heatwave or anything in between...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Vino at Ventoux

For those who don't want to follow it in French, Lance wasn't great on Ventoux. He got dropped twice by Leipheimer, Vino and some others. He did catch back on, but Vino took off with one other dude and got the stage easily. Leipheimer appeared stronger than Lance, while Landis just hung on.

Just like last year, a lot of guys are peaking for the Tour. Hopefully, they'll really bring it this year.

So the palmares of Lance will not include Ventoux.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Shoot out at Libere Corral

Hmm, as the only true Euro in the group, I must say I am disappointed by the Dauphine Libere line-up so far. It's bad enough an American takes the prologue, but then there are 4 in the top 5 overall. What is it with you capitalistic infidels riding so fast? You afraid someone is coming to get you? Have some tradition, some class, and let the Europeans back in, will you?

In any case, with Levi and Floyd riding well, Vino close behind and Botero in shape, the 2005 Tour could be quite exciting.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Scare yourself sick

Read this if you dare. I warn you, it's real and graphic (no pictures).


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Americans at the Dauphine Prologue

Hincapie wins the day, and Levi, Floyd and Lance also in the top 5. Lance pulled out of his pedal on the initial climb in the Prologue, reminiscent of Luz Ardiden in 2003 and Hammerson at the 2004 Ride for the Roses. Mt. Ventoux on Thursday!

Results - Prologue, Dauphiné Libéré
1. George Hincapie (USA), Discovery Channel, 9:55
2. Levi Leipheimer (USA), Gerolsteiner, 9:56
3. Andrey Kashechkin (Kaz), Credit Agricole, 9:58
4. Floyd Landis (USA), Phonak, 10:00
5. Lance Armstrong (USA), Discovery Channel, 10:01

More Madness

I too took to the roads today with a few neighbors and Craig from Ken Caryl. We tackled Deer Creek and then Pine Meadows. You gotta love the views and the 15%+ grades on Pine Meadows, and it was nice as always to descend High Grade. In all, we ended up with 46 miles and over 4,000 feet of climbing. This made for my third ascent of Deer Creek and/or High Grade this week (160 miles total). I'm slowly transitioning from fat to fast, but still have a pint of Haagen Dazs on tap for this evening. I'll be riding through Chatfield at 5:45 am if any of you will be out there tomorrow. See you on the roads.

Metric Madness

While our lone ride for training camp was close to a metric century, I couldn't help myself and added another earlier today.

I left the casa at just before 5AM, and was on the bike riding the metric century at the Elephant Rock ride in Castle Rock by 6AM. It was outstanding, with obviously great weather. I rode with several guys in a well balanced paceline, upto the second break (never stopped at number 1). I then rode with some other guys for a short distance, when EVERYBODY and their dog turned left to take the 100 mile course. I was totally alone. At least it quickly joins the familiar route of the 100 miler, so I knew I was on track. I stopped at the next rest area, and they said I was the first one through. I skipped the Palmer Lake break, and again was told I was first at the break just before the last little climb, Wolfensburger (or something). I reached the top without being caught (there were two guys behind me), and bombed downhill to maintain my lead all the way home.

I was back at the Fairgrounds before they were ready to serve lunch. A quick walk through a basically useless expo solved that, and after a bite to eat I was at home by 11AM. I spent about 3 hours and 25 minutes riding. My legs are still sore from Thursday's windsprints and Friday's climbing fest.

The metric century is MUCH nicer than the 100 miler, as it skips the flat, windy, ugly area east of the other rides. Any one up for next year?

Friday, June 03, 2005

Thursday Thunder

Thursday's run down the Rhone Valley is dead flat until the road goes straight up the fearsome Mont Ventoux. The course takes the approach through Bedoin, and the legendary climb needs no introduction. Will Armstrong rise to the bait and go for the stage win? After all, Big Tex has never won atop the Giant of Provence and it's his last chance at history.

Could be fun.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Training Camp Trickery

So, the weather sucks, everyone wants to bail for some reason, and guess what?


Hopefully the weather cooperates, and we'll do a little Death Ride.

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