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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zabel speaks

“Cycling won't survive another year like this one," says German Erik Zabel. "Cycling doesn't have the best reputation at the moment. All the sponsors who now support teams will have to thoroughly think about whether they want to continue to use the sport as a platform. If the Festina scandal in 1998 was a warning shot, then 2006 was practically the opening of the war," he continued in an interview with www.spiegel.de.

I have always thought Zabel a great rider in that he is ALWAYS at the front.  This past year he had more 2nd place finishes than any man should have to endure.

What he was quoted about cycling is true with one clarification: Professional Cycling won’t survive.  Sure, I keep an eye on the Pro Tour and there are dudes like Hammerson that are true, hardcore fans of the Pro scene.  However, I think most weekend warriors are more concerned about shaving a few seconds off their TT than about whether or not Tyler is a chimera or whether or not Floyd has heavy carbon atoms.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Did anyone notice?

Le Tour laid out the route for the 2007 version and as I feared would happen, I didn’t notice.  When I finally looked, I checked to see what the cool climbs will be.  There are a total of 6 climbing days which include the Peyresourde, the Telegraphe and the Galibier and a total of 3 mountain top finishes.

The prologue starts in London as was predicted.  One write up discussed how David Millar would be excited about the prologue being in London; I couldn’t care less what Mr. EPO thinks.

Also notable was the video showing Floyd in cracked glass.  Since the tour has excluded images of Big Tex and now shows Floyd in cracked glass, I get the feeling that they hate us.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Uneasy Feeling

As has been promised for the eight years that I have lived in Highlands Ranch, the OSCA (big ass open space) has been finally opened to hiking a biking.  These 8,000 acres have been set aside from the original 22,000 that comprise Highlands Ranch.  The open space and trail system is paid for by a tax on our homes and our quarterly dues.  In a sense, I paid for the OSCA to be shared with my neighbors.

But I am not sure how I feel about this.  This guy is pissed off that the open space isn’t open for everyone.  He didn’t pay for it but feels, as many people (not just Coloradans) do, the open space is for all people. 

This battle has been long running in the mountaineering, rock climbing and fly fishing community.  Private land has a lot of cool mountains to climb and fish to catch.  Should we all be free to enter someone else’s land to use its recreational resources?  Should a person be allowed to have their land free from trespassers?  If a dude lives on a tiny plot of land but has a cool rock on it, should everyone be entitled to climb it or should the guy that owns the rock have the freedom to view his rock without people climbing on it?  It is the same issue when we ride our road bikes through a gated community to link up a road on the other side.

There is a ton of precedent on this issue.  In fact, go try and ride on Ken Caryl’s open space; I got stopped three times, while with a resident.

To the dude in running this site, I offer you this: In the short term, if you would like to use the trail give me a call and we will go for a ride.

<a href="http://www.greenfusemusic.com/images/bandito.jpg"><img style="float:left; margin:0 10px 10px 0;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 400px;" src="http://www.greenfusemusic.com/images/bandito.jpg" border="0" alt="" /></a>

Friday, October 27, 2006

Stealing from Reagan

For those of you playing along at home, the ‘net never seems to let me down.  Lately we have seen increasing number of visitors have come to this site by way of trustbut.  I personally find the connection very cool as this is the promise of the internet…connection.

If you haven’t seen the site, it is worth the visit as TBV does a great job aggregating a ton of information on the subject of Floyd Landis, the frog boneheads, the chemistry, the philosophy of a cheat etc, etc.  You can get lost for hours reading all of the chemistry alone.

While dude running that site clearly states that he is “personally biased towards Floyd”, it’s not clear to me why he does this.  It is not quite as silly as the TylerHamiltonis innocent.com from a few years ago as TBV does a lot more work.  Maybe he is secretly on the payroll of Landis.com and is running internet spin!!

In the end I questioned my motives for BansheeCycling.  While it started to chronicle our 2004 trip to the Ride for the Roses, it now serves as a history of commentary on cycling news, bitch’n photos/video and great rides in and around our hood.  I am not sure if this is interesting to anyone but the authors, but in the end it is a great outlet for shitty writing and even shittier graphics…..although the graphics a looking a lot better….and I still reserve the right to change them all the friggn time!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Veloswap on Saturday

Don't forget that this Saturday is Veloswap at the National Western Complex in Denver. I plan to attend for a bit in the morning whether via wheelchair, gurney or walker. Seriously, I should be able to get around on foot for a few hours. I have enough drugs to see me through.

Also, our man Barry has purchased a table with his brother at Veloswap, so anyone with items to sell should give Barry a call.

I would like to get there around 9:00 when the gates open to the public, or sooner if Barry can get us in. Let me know if any of you want to come along for the ride.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


How bad does this look? Rolling down the road, enjoying your ride and along comes a "road train". My luck would be that this rig would be coming UP in a turn as I went Down the same turn....ala the Death Ride '05.

Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick

Velonews had an interesting article today regarding Pereiro and Basso having to wait out while Landis and le Tour work out their differences.  In an indirect fashion the article sheds light on the economic impact to other that these scandals have.

For instance, Basso gets paid based on performance and the quality of his palmares.  The difference between first and second is a lot.  So how do you classify your ’06 tour performance when it comes to getting paid?

I know that it wont happen, but when we find out who is guilty, (its either Floyd or le Tour), I would hope to see some big time penalties.  For example, IF sir Landis is proven guilty, dude is out for effectively 4 years.  What is the penalty for le Tour and the Frog Lab if they are found to be wrong?  Could they possibly pay restitution?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Holy Cats!

I think the dude survives, but I'm not sure. I am also not sure if this is real. Sucks to be him.

Floyd Landis is a total dope cheat...and if you just read this line it means that you are picking us up on an RSS feed rather than viewing the site. Do yourself a favor and check out the graphics that we have pulled together as they are a big part of the overall site.

How far?

I just read that the 24-Hour record was broken yesterday by Michael Secrest (no word on the relation).  Secrest rode 532.74 miles in 24 hours.  Get out your abacus as this is 22MPH!  What is really amazing is his 1990 record where he rode 1217 miles in 24 hours….while drafting a semi.

Can you imagine riding for 24 hours?  No less at that pace?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tour de What??

So on Thursday of this week, the Tour de France is going to present the route for the 2007 race.  I always look forward to seeing just how nasty the climbs will be.  I will surely delight in some of the cool sounding towns that I have read on the names of the bottles of wine that I enjoy.  This year however will be the addition of a nagging question; will be whether very many people care?  As a fan, it seems that the luster of the race has been thoroughly tarnished by the Landis crap, Operación Puerto and the incessant bickering with the ProTour.

The Landis thing is confusing as ever and other than Jan Ullrich lies and inexplicable/erratic action, it appears that Operación Puerto was a publicity stunt.  But this bullshit with the ProTour is nothing but egos layers in more ego.  With all this going on to diminish our beautiful sport, why can’t we heed the words of the great pork-pie poet and “can’t we all just get along?”….that’s Rodney King y’all.




Sunday, October 22, 2006

Masthead Party

You might have noticed that I have been burning with creativity lately for the masthead.  I really dug the punk rock chick with the pink background.  Adding fuel to the fire was the Commenter “Matt” dropping a punk rock referenced.  Pretty cool.

Today’s new masthead is inspired by a new trick I learned and a photo that formerly appeared on this site.  I hope you appreciate the beauty!

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Blogroll Please

Do you think celebrities are amused to see blogs where they are the only subject?  Like this goofy-ass Floyd Landis blog?  GOD DO I LOVE THE INTERNET!!!!!

Death Pool Candidate

According to Velonews: “Tom Boonen has signed up to take part in a 10-hour endurance race at the wheel of a Porsche 996..”

The way dude rides a sprint, I think I might add him to my Death Pool list for 2007.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The old Switcheroo

Unfortunately, it looks like Youtube took down the video of Floyd Landis being interviewed by Matt Lauer.  I wanted to put it here so that I could explain the following.  You see, in the interview Floyd sat there looking like a cyclo-dork.  Lauer peppered him and Amber on the doping subject.  Of course Landis looked very odd in the interview.  Dude rides bikes 8 hours a day.  You have to be a little weird to pursue this sport.

But what is the point?  Well, on the day of the interview, my business partner who is clueless outside of football and golf came into the office ranting, “man that dude, Landis, is such a total doper.”  After seeing the interview, Mr. Football had all the evidence he needed.

So when Floyd rolled out his public campaign, I couldn’t help but send the link to Mr. Football.  He did read the whole power point presentation.  When I asked about it, Mr. Football said, “well, maybe he didn’t dope and the lab screwed up the results.” 

Why is this interesting?  Well, to me this is further evidence that Floyd’s public gambit may just work.  He will need to get some more press over his release, but it may just sway the court of public opinion.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Great, just great

Looks like the two brilliant Frogs that wrote LA Confidential that was to have lifted the lid on Lance Armstrong’s drug use are at it again.  They have a new book coming out which if is anything like the last will be another brilliant piece of fiction.  And I will give you one guess as to who their partner in crime is…….That’s right, ring the bell Sally, it L’ Equipe!

Gee I can hardly wait to read this piece of shit…NOT.

Basso on his way to Discovery?

The first roadblock has been cleared. CSC and Basso today mutually parted ways. CSC released Basso from the final two years of his contract. Read more at VeloNews.com.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bike Commute

Honest to God, I saw a dude on his bike heading home in this weather. To quote the immortal Richard C. Henderson, "STRONG"!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Euro Ads

As an American, I am amazed to see the role advertising plays in European sports.  Today, I learned about a fellow American taking the euro way and actually advertising the type of machine used in his surgery. 

On Floyd Landis’ website, he links to the resurfacing machine used to repave the top of his dead hip bone.  If you are curious, you can check out the gruesome machine here.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hey Europe - WAKE UP

Ivan Basso was cleared by Italian Authorities this past week of involvement in the Operation Puerto scandal.  Does this mean that he was mistakenly sidelined from racing?  Sure sounds that way.  And if this is the case, these Euromorons running doping control/enforcement need to be sanctioned, fined or imprisoned.  Their mistakes have cost riders, teams and the sport millions of dollars.  Furthermore, they are effectively destroying all that Big Tex did to make cycling popular in the US.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Now You're thinking right

Anyone who cheats in pro cycling can count on the press to destroy their reputation.  The press plays the judge in the “court” of public opinion.  Most typically, the athlete has no shot.  However, today our boy Floyd Landis played defendant by presenting his case to the world which you can see here.

I have read his presentation and I think he makes some great points…you know like, “hey, these test results are for a DIFFERENT person!”  It is pretty incredible the sloppy work by the lab that is presented in these documents.

I don’t know how this will turn out.  However, I love the fact that Landis decided to play the game so that the public could see.  Furthermore, it is presented so that the general public can understand a pretty obvious series of mistakes by the lab.  Fight on Floyd.  Know that this is like watching you climb back to the lead group on Ventoux.  Now it is time to drop the frogs.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Livestrong Ride - Austin

Since the LAF decided to pentuple the “price of entry” into the Livestrong Rides, I missed out on going to Austin this year.  I have to say that I am bummed.  This has always been a great event and a great time with our Denver crew.  I am sorry that the LAF decided that they need to go either a) high brow or b) only cater to the “cancer” crew. 

It is true that my charitable focus is not cancer research.  However, I think this move will alienate bike nation which would have supported anything that with Big Tex.  I wonder if this will be as profitable for the LAF.  In fact, the stat that I read on thepaceline.com is that the total of runners and riders were 2,500 (versus 8,000).  They raised $9.4 million total for the FIVE rides where I seem to recall beating the goal of $7.0 million in 2005.  Do you think they can grow this amount or will it dwindle through alienation of the biking community?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So the Discovery Channel announced today that they are adding more riders to their roster including Tony Cruz who raced for the team from 2001-05.  One name they apparently won’t be adding is “Fat” Jan Ullrich.  

So where does this leave Jan?  Will he sign?  Will he retire?  Will he clear his name?  Dude has a lot going on and I am anxious to see where he ends up.  Thoughts?


Friday, October 06, 2006

Cale's Crank

There is a cool article on the paceline.com site today.  In it, Adam Mills of Carmichael Training discusses the compact crank versus what has become the traditional.  What is remarkable is that the only “con” in Adam’s mind is for a stud sprinter.  Here is a summary:


  • Pedaling economy would be an obvious place to make gains. – Easier to stay in a 90-95 cadence
  • Climbing is probably the best application for compact cranks.
  • I am going to say that the compacts are good for nearly any rider who is not a sprint specialist.


You can read the article here.


The benefits have to do with creating a better match between chain rings and cassettes.  This leads to an interesting conclusion:  Was Hammerson fast this year due to fitness or compact cranks?


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