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Monday, July 31, 2006

Chicks Dig Scars

From Magnus Backstedt's profile on his website.

Sum yourself up in a maximum of ten words:
Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory last forever!

Could they be for Real?

Check it out.  T-Mobile moved American Bob Stapleton to head up the men’s pro-cycling team.  Does this mean that T-Mobile will actually have some intelligence in the way they race?  No more suicide attacks, no more attacking their own riders?  What fun will this be?

T-Mobile also announced that they will put the “Worlds Greatest Climber, Rolf Aldag” in the position of director sportif.

Pretty strong moves.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Most excellent, LPM

Good job on the masthead. A career in computer graphics is on the horizon.

Check out the Velonews article mentioning how steroids can be massaged in during the evening (less than 2 hours total to avoid detection) and how shots can help almost immediately. http://www.velonews.com/race/int/articles/10613.0.html

Maybe Floyd can blame it on his masseuse? They must have used a steroid lotion without him knowing it. What a royal FU.

I wish I had the guts to find a doc to help me with one of those regimens, even for just one season. Imagine riding the Triple in 6 hours. Of course, if you crash and burn like me, it's all for nothing, too.

Friday, July 28, 2006

DickHead Pound

I hope that when (if) Floyd is exonerated he has an Amstel on the grave of this Frog Scumbag.

PezCycling News - What's Cool In Pro Cycling: "Dick Pound Shoots Off At The Mouth Again
For this to happen in your marquee event, that�s a stunning indictment of the state of the sport. They have a huge problem, a really serious problem, but first they have to recognize it. It's like an alcoholic. Unless you acknowledge you have a problem, it's very hard to move toward a solution, as the infamous Dick(head) Pound is quoted in Juliet Macur and Carla Baranauckas' article on Landis' case today in the New York Times."


Floyd Landis is on the hot seat and I don’t think this can end well. First, if Floyd cheated, it is a continuation of a bad precedent for cycling. Second, ifFloyd didn’t cheat, the testing methodology is flawed and many other riders have gotten screwed by this system.

Velonews had some interesting comments this morning:

The T/E ratio can vary widely within individuals, and in some cases the T/E ratio may be above the 4:1 ratio without doping while others can stay below the threshold despite cheating. The ratio tends to be constant over time, but wild swings may indicate doping. Other factors can cause swings in the ratio, such as dehydration, fatigue and even alcohol.

The T/E ratio is not a sure-fire way to measure testosterone in the body, but it's the only detection method currently used under anti-doping controls.

I would bet that Floyd tests positive on his second sample and is subsequently stripped of his title. I would also bet that he has his “endocrine” test performed; if not already. If Floyd has a naturally occurring high T/E why wouldn’t there be a baseline already established? As it states above, T/E ratio is relatively constant within individuals.

Like I said before, this will not end well.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Say it ain't so Floyd!

Let's hope his testosterone was whacked from the ride/bonk, or it was the beer. I sure hope Floyd did not dope. Phonak had to make a statement today as Floyd dropped out of some criteriums in Holland and Denmark, and the press was checking with each country to see if their sports federation had been notified. The press was zeroing in on Floyd. They still need to test the "B" sample and try to determine if the spike was natural or synthetic.

From VeloNews:

The Phonak Cycling Team issued the following statement Thursday, confirming Landis as the rider in question:

The Phonak Cycling Team was notified yesterday by the UCI of an unusual level of Testosteron/Epitestosteron ratio in the test made on Floyd Landis after stage 17 of the Tour de France.
The Team Management and the rider were both totally surprised of this physiological result.

The rider will ask in the upcoming days for the counter analysis to prove either that this result is coming from a natural process or that this is resulting from a mistake in the confirmation.

In application of the Pro Tour Ethical Code, the rider will not race anymore until this problem is totally clear.

If the result of the B sample analysis confirms the result of the A sample the rider will be dismissed and will then pass the corresponding endocrinological examinations.

Please understand that we cannot at this time give you more detailed comments.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What WILL Vino do??

Now that he knows this:

Five Astaná riders who were forced out of the 2006 Tour de France because of alleged links to a blood doping investigation have been formally cleared.

Can he sue saying he could have kicked Landis' ass? He would have tried every friggin' stage, that's for sure.

Here we go...

1. I like the footer better than the header.

2. see http://www.velonews.com/news/fea/10587.0.html

Any guesses?????????????????????

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


As you might have noticed, I have been fooling around with the Mastheads and Footer. I picked up a few photoshop tips that have helped to liven this stuff up. Hope you like the constant changes and don't forget to check out today's footer; it might be one of the more clever layouts that has come to me.

Fat Jan to Discovery Channel - Could it Be?

Velonews is reporting that Jan Ullrich has had talks with Discovery Channel about riding for Disco next year. How bizarre would that be? The only thing that would hold Jan back from being a great Disco is his ability to accept failure. To be a proper Disco (or Banshee for that matter), a loss must totally piss you off. A great example of this would be Floyd’s stage 17 or Lance’s attack of Kloden at the finish of the Col d For Croix. Jan has been second so many times without a single explosion.

Levi to Disco???

Early reports are that Levi Leipheimer will leave Gerolsteiner to join Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team.  Not sure that I like this acquisition.  Levi certainly showed some nuts during the Tour.  However, I am not sure that he would want to play super domestique to Popo or Danielson.  Clearly, Levi wants to be a captain riding for the overall win.  Maybe Disco is thinking that they need to replace Eki with Levi??

Bob Cook on Fire

A very good friend of mine raced in the Bob Cook this last weekend.  What is wild is that she won her age group.  Check it out.


CW 50-59

   1   Jewsbury, Wendy                       2:57:17

   2   Alexander, Ruth                            3:01:03

   3   Feeney, Kathy                              3:20:54

   4   Dekoster, Lisa                              3:30:44

   5   Torrence, Claudia J                       3:36:22

   6   Yeiser, Ellen                                 3:39:42

   7   Thompson, Joanne                        3:54:33

   8   Brown, Nea                                  4:14:14


Monday, July 24, 2006

Disco Announcement

I got the following from Reeeeeshard regarding a Disco announcement for tomorrow:

Both Johan and Discovery Network President Billy Campbell thanked the riders for their efforts and promised that the team would be back in its winning ways soon. And because you're a faithful reader of this column, I'll tell you to look for a major signing announcement Tuesday morning, US time! It's big and you're gonna like it…

GUESSES?  I'll say Valverde or Cadel Evans.  No basis for making these my picks, other than Disco needs a GC contender with no baggage.  Levi's too old.  Floyd re-upped with Phonak for a year.

I’m gonna go with Kloden or Rodgers.  They have got to hate the fact that T-Mobile’s tactics keep them from winning a tour.  Furthermore, with the drug scandal wiping out their sportif, it might be a great time for change.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Originally uploaded by RideTrek.

From here...

From here
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.

Cheers to Eki!

Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Today, 40 year old Slava Ekimov completed his 15th and final Tour de France. What an amazing rider. Multiple Olympic medalist on the road and track, world champion in the TT and loyal domestique to Armstrong in many of his Tour victories.

Disco announced today that Eki will be retiring in September and will become an assistant directeur sportif for the Discover Channel Pro Cycling team.

Eki always amazes me with how strong he can ride at his age. What a great sight today when the peleton let him ride ahead on the Champs Elysees to say goodbye to the crowd. Also great to see Eki on the attack in the last few kilometers of today's stage. What a stud.

Good luck Eki!

Allez Floyd

Do you remember this one?

Got to love it. How cool to see Floyd throw'n it down at the TdF. In my mind, the best part might be the fact that he did it "American Style". It ain't over till its over.

Also, did anyone notice Jean Marie le Pig's irratation on the podium when he had to crown another American as the champion? I wonder what he said to the Mayor when they were chatting on the side of the podium.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I find it shaming to be as a fax number treated

So Fat Jan got canned today.  Seems the Mobiles asked dude to produce some evidence to contradict the Operacion Puerto evidence.  I am not sure that this is completely fair to Jan; but then again, I don’t know the facts.  What I do know is that Worldlingo.com is quite possibly the coolest tool on the net.  I punched in Fat Jan’s official statement to be translated to English and got this beauty.

The notice of T-mobile is not acceptable for me. I am very disappointed over it, that me this decision not personally, separate by the T-mobile-lawyers only by fax one communicated.

I find it shaming, that I after so many years of good co-operation and after everything which I for the team did, as a fax number is treated.

This is priceless gibberish.  I don’t care that I can figure out what he is saying.  The literal translation is poetry enough. 

Christophe Moron...er Moreau

Check out the link to the video of Christophe talking about Floyd.

Christophe is stupid

American tactics?  Hey Christophe, when was the last time Frog tactics worked?  I used to respect this guy when he rode hard for Credit Agricole.  Now it seems that he had his brain transplanted with rocks.


Double Monarch TT

Take a look at the profile of tomorrow's key TT stage.

At just over 35 miles on a curvy course, this looks a lot like a double Monarch. Now all the pundits are saying, "this is Floyd's tour to lose" I am not so sure. Remember, Floyd did a psychotic ride to save his chances. Sastre could just as easily do the same thing tomorrow. Sastre also has the advantage of starting right after Floyd. It ain't over till its over.

On another note, did anyone see that Fat Jan is without a team? T-Mobile dropped the termination into the fax machine this morning.

Another great stat from yesterday's stage was that Floyd took 70 water bottles from the team car. In honor of Floyd, I think I will do the same thing with my work day.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I got this note from Redlight after today’s stage:


 Dirt, looks like Five Card will still owe you money.  30 seconds is nothing in the TT.

 Now, here's the question:  Roberto Heras did something similar in last year's Vuelta (Menchov second, Pereira third).  We all know Heras is now busted.  Is Floyd on something?  EPO is known to blow recovery out of the water...  And since he is most likely retiring anyway, did he juice to win and run????  Boy, I'm a skeptic.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Redlight is still so friggn Euro!  Innocent until proven guilt my friend.

On the serious side,  Redlight poses the great question, “how could someone actually ride that hard?”  I would like to think that Floyd rode that on shear will and aggression rather than some undetectable performance enhancing drug.  Mind you, I thought Tyler was innocent.  But Floyd didn’t ride very hard yesterday.  Also remember how fast the dude was in both time trials.  If Floyd had a team that could climb, there would not be any question.

Lastly, I think we should start calling Floyd, Dr. Panache!


Col du Joux-Plane - Floyd Style

What an incredible stage!  Floyd shows the world that cyclists are studs and that he has a “never say die” heart.  I had to tear myself away for an early meeting but was able to listen to the last 5k of the Joux-Plane to the finish over the phone.  I also loved the post on the TdF website:

16:57 - It’s All Downhill Now Floyd!

Landis has reached the top of the final climb of stage 17. He is going to follow in the footsteps of: Greg LeMond, Davis Phinney, Jeff Pierce, Andy Hampsten, Lance Armstrong, Tyler Hamilton, George Hincapie and Dave Zabriskie... the other Americans to win a stage at the Tour.

Makes me proud to be an American!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cleared to ride????

I went back to the orthopedic surgeon today. Xrays taken, exam done. Not good, not bad. He thought the bone was still loose (as in not connected), but my responses to his questions made him think it was. The xrays look as nasty as they did 3 weeks ago, but the connective tissue that would be there doesn't show. I return in 3 weeks, if it looks no better, it's off to the surgery session to have it plated. For now, I've been cleared to return to work and start using the arm more and more. So here's the deal:

"When can I ride a bicycle again?"
"Actually, I don't mind if you ride now, just no serious hammering" (his exact words)
"Oh, so you mean I have to ride like Floyd did today?"

His response? A blank stare... It was hilarious.

Anyway, he recommended "family trails, easy pedaling and so on". I think I tuned out shortly after "I don't mind if you ride"... In order to appease my boss (aka wife, better half and provider of my current livelihood), I will probably ride the trainer through next week. So I plan to ride on the road, on my Litespeed on July 29. If anyone is ready for a nice spinner, let me know.

I picked up "broken blue" today. I have the Shimanos on there, since the Mavics will be going back to Mavic for repairs (lovely christmas gift that'll be). They should be back in time for the LAF ride. I rode the mountain bike to school (1/3 of a mile) to get the kids. The fat tires made me relatively comfortable about road conditions. I took a 2 lap spin around the cul-de-sac on the bike formerly known as old blue. It felt weird, and I did notice every bump and crack in the asphalt. But hey, progress is progress, and I can't wait to try a real ride...

Drug Free and LOVE'n it

What happens when you take the drugs out of professional sport?  An even playing field with completely unpredictable results.  This is so cool and thrilling to watch.

A great example is today’s stage;  FLOYD what happened?


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


How cool to watch Schleck take the stage on l’Alpe d’Huez.  Certainly I would have loved to see Floyd put the hammer down in a commanding fashion but he does not seem to be that type of rider.

Besides watching Disco get blown back to the Stone Age, did anyone notice how many T-Mobiles there were on the top of the hill?  Kind of makes you wonder if you were able to keep Fat Jan off the juice if dude might just have won the stage/tour today.

PS – Note to Disco…….get some climbers.  You’re performance is an embarrassment.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beautiful Ride; but not for Verbrugghe

Hammerson and I got out for an early spin up to the Tech Center.  Pretty cool riding main streets that normally are jacked with cars.  We climbed the Yosemite Bridge over I-25 which is short and steep.  Normally cars are flying across this but at 6:45 am, not a soul in sight.


The same couldn’t be said for the breakaway in today’s Tour stage.  I would have expected somebody to sweep the sand out of that corner before the Tour got there.  Might cost Verbrugghe his career just like Beloki on the same road.  Did anyone else notice the fourth rider that skidded in that corner?  It’s not hard to imagine all six going down on that turn.  Stupid Tour.

The Party Line

In a response to a question posed at Velonews, Bontragger had this to say reagrding George's failed steerer tube at Paris-Rubaix:

Technical Q&A with Lennard Zinn: Landis's drivetrain, Hincapie's steerer, Thomson stem and chain-pin replacement: "After careful analysis of the broken parts, as well as replicating the failure in our test lab, it was a convergence of issues that combined to cause the failure, with the predominant factors being George's first crash earlier in the day and the brutal nature of Paris-Roubaix itself. "

Puhleeeez! A steering tube ought to survive a crash and continue riding on Rubaix.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Delete the dope and what do you get..

…Tour de France 2006! 

Phil Ligget had an interesting comment on last night’s pre-race show.  He suggested that maybe the reason that the tour was so up in the air was that most of the strong riding dopers got bounced the night before the race.  What an intriguing thought.  Now I hardly believe that the entire peloton is clean.  But consider for a moment that there does not seem to be a clear “bad ass” after two weeks of riding.  Consider also how many riders and teams are getting uncharacteristically shelled on the climbs.  While there could be many other reasons that The Tour has unfolded as it has, Ligget’s comment is especially curious in that dude has been watching tours for 30 plus years.

Faster than a speeding cement mixer

Rolled Monarch this morning with Hammerson.  Warm day with a headwind going up hill.  The most notable moment of the ride was the decent of the double hill.  We were making about 40 mph downhill when a cement mixer passed us.  The draft was so big that it sucked me to over 51 mph.  That speed carried all the way through the little rise before the middle school.  What a thrill!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Gin and Tonic

Some German newspaper is reporting they have the contents of Fat Jan’s doping schedule.  If this is true, it is hard to believe anyone would stuff this into their bodies; unless of course they were sipping it by the pool.

“On the first day, according to the SZ, the hormone HZ was listed, the second day insulin I-3, the hormone TGN and cortisone, the third day TGN and PCH (a testosterone shot), on the fourth day HMG, a hormone mixture, a "rest day" on the fifth day, the sixth day insulin I-3, and on the last day, the re-infusion of his own blood, as well as insulin I-3 and vitamin E”

Disco doesn't learn???

You'd think the "best managed team" would know better. They let Savoldelli go back downhill after yesterday's stage, on his bike. Nothing weird there, many riders do it to avoid the traffic jam. Except "Il Falco" was going down without a helmet on, and hit a spectator... 15 stitches in his head, and an abandon today.

Can it be that just having a clear leader gives you motivation, strength, willingness?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bizzzzzaro World

Stage 11 and who would have thunk it!  Levi finishing with the leaders, Disco getting totally shelled, Iban Mayo DNF and Horner in danger of not making the cut.  George at 46th!!!  Dude, pedal already.

FYI – I have a bet standing from a week ago that Landis would win it all.  It is looking good halfway through.



2. Levi Leipheimer (USA), Gerolsteiner, 00:00
3. Floyd Landis (
USA), Phonak, 00:00
4. Cadel Evans (Aus), Davitamon-Lotto, 00:17
5. Carlos Sastre (Sp), CSC, 00:17
9. Andréas Klöden (G), T-Mobile, 01:31
15. Azevedo José (P), Discovery Channel, 04:10
16. Gilberto Simoni (I), Saunier Duval, 04:10
26. Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr), Discovery Channel, 06:25
33. Damiano Cunego (I), Lampre, 10:03
35. Christian Vande Velde (
USA), CSC, 11:08
36. Mickael Rasmussen (Dk), Rabobank, 11:08
46. George Hincapie (
USA), Discovery Channel, 21:23
50. Paolo Savoldelli (I), Discovery Channel, 23:04
64. Egoi Martinez (Sp), Discovery Channel, 27:45
101. Pavel Padrnos (Cz), Discovery Channel, 35:47
102. Viatceslav Ekimov (Rus), Discovery Channel, 35:47
104. Benjamin Noval Gonzalez (Sp), Discovery Channel, 35:47
117. David Zabriskie (USA), CSC, 40:32
148. José Luis Rubiera (Sp), Discovery Channel, 44:20
154. Christopher Horner (USA), Davitamon-Lotto, 44:20
Did Not Finish

 Iban Mayo (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Farm Tube scores

It is always amazing when a break works.  Juan Miguel Mercado of Agritubel wins Stage 10 of the Tour by cutting around Dessel in the final 200 meters. 


First, what the heck is Agritubel?  Farm Tube? 


Second, how about this quote from Mercado, “I asked Dessel if I could have the stage, but he refused this.”  Yeah, no shit Juan.


It must be my capitalist/competitive leaning, but I can’t ever imagine having the guts to ask such a question.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Camera Hog

Who doesn’t love superMario?  Dude shows up to the tour de FRANCE and uses the Italian spanking of France in the World Cup to grab some camera time.  I am pretty sure he is an ‘SC alum.


Super Mario



Bring on the Java. From today's Denver Post:

DenverPost.com - Caffeine gives athletes a leg up, numerous exercise studies show: "Contrary to what many trainers and coaches have maintained over the years, caffeine won't leave you dehydrated and can actually improve your endurance."

Tommy D crushing the second tier

It seems the Tommy D has quietly (although Hammerson noticed) won the Tour of Austria.  The following is from the procyclingnews.com website.  I love how they credit Connecticut as his home town.  Did dude move?


Connecticut's Tom Danielson got his first ever GC win on European soil, and the first ever U.S. overall success in the Hervis Tour of Austria. Despite not winning any stage, the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Tour moved to the top of the leaderboard after his excellent performance in Saturday's 31-km ITT and kept things under control in Sunday's final leg, a typical sprinter's stage with no difficulties around, from Podersdorf to Vienna's Rathausplatz over a distance of 129 kilometres.

Crack of Death

Rode Monarch this morning and I am pretty sure that I found the crack that launched Redlight.  It is incredible how many cracks are actually out there waiting to take you down.  I guess I have a renewed hyper sensitivity!


I also saw two huge deer and a cop that nailed several speeders.


Oh yeah, my time sucked.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Love or Hate?

What do you think of the new mastheads?  As you can see, I have figured out a few cool tricks to make them more interesting.

The whole story (it's long)

A recap for those who like to read horror stories:

Monday, June 26, 2006, 5:30 AM. I depart from the house on a beautiful sunshiny day. I had rested 3 days prior, and felt absolutely great. It had rained and the roads were wiped relatively clean, it was all set to be a great ride around Monarch. Due to the rain, it was a little chilly, so I was riding with armwarmers, legwarmers and full gloves.

I stood all the way up the warm-up hill just to get the juices flowing. I was on a good pace coming from Wildcat onto McArthur. I kept a good clip going up the hill by the new school, and I was literally thinking about the fun I was going to have on the Triple this year.

I crested the little hill, and cruised through the green light. I was riding in the bike lane as usual. I looked back to see a silver mercedes just coming over the hill. This car made me decide to stay in the bike lane all the way to Monarch. When I looked back again to see what he was doing, I noticed he was very slow.

As I turned back to look ahead, I had already moved out towards the edge of the bike lane. I was moving over to get into the traffic lane and "block" the mercedes around the turn. This move came about halfway between where we usually move out to block and the actual turn.

As I turn my head to look ahead, I glance down just in time to see my tire about 1 inch from a seemingly huge crack between two concrete slabs. Slow motion now, as the front wheel pops in and grinds to an abrupt halt. I realize I'm going over the handle bars and next thing I know I'm laying on the ground moaning and wondering where I am. 5:43 AM, Triple is over.

The guy in the mercedes stopped behind me, as I was laying in the road. He called 911 as I continued to moan and catch my breath. A quick mental check and I realize the left side is F*$#ed up. My left arm is laying on my chest and it all feels like a load of bricks. My breathing is incredibly shallow and painful and I figured then that I at least bruised if not cracked ribs.

The guy that called 911 moved my bike to the grass. I never even bothered to look at "old blue". I check my right arm and both legs, and they look pretty good. Some holes in the warmers, but no major bleeding or pain. I drag my butt over to the bike lane, leaning on two legs and my right arm. I can feel the crunchy motion of my collar bone and realize it's toast.

The 911 guy's wife was driving behind him. She helped me get my phone out and I called Stacey. I realized later I should have waited longer, because I was still breathing weird and talking slow. She freaked out, but managed to pull it together and grab the kids and drive over. In the meantime, a cop showed up (a state trooper drove right by).

The cop thought he was funny, trying to make me laugh. I just wanted his gun... Finally, the ambulance and fire truck showed up. I guess maybe they thought I was on fire. One of the fire fighters is a patient of mine. The ambulance guys were worried about my neck and back. After some quick checks, they put me on a back board and put a collar on my neck. This is right when Stacey shows, so I'm sure the sight was exciting.

I got some oxygen and fentanyl while on the bus. That didn't do anything as every bump in the road seemed like the grand canyon. But at least they got me to the ER. Stacey collected the bike and other loose ends and followed me.

At the ER, the neck brace and back board were soon gone. A little poking and proding, and off to the xray room. There, it got tough. I had to stand to take a series of xrays, and the pain got worse. I had to sit and "rest" before finishing the series.

Back in my room, I finally received some Dilaudin. NOW were talking. I was floating and didn't care that my arm was roughly bounced around as a sling was put on. Diagnosis: broke the collar bone in two places (all the way through on both) and cracked two ribs (probably all the way through). I rode a wheel chair back to the car, and Stacey drove me home. She went and picked up some Percocet and the rest of the day was a blur.

From there, it was all about finding a comfortable spot to sit/lie down on. Bruising around the lower back (I fell on the Shuffle) was worst, the minor scabs on the elbows and knees are almost gone. The surgeon thinks it'll heal by itself (hey, otherwise he'd collect the fee for the surgical service, right?). I was off the Percocet quickly, and am exercising the elbow already. Starting the shoulder rehab later this week.

I plan to ride the spin bike tonight. I hope to go out for the first real ride the weekend after next. It may be interesting to pass the spot of the wreck, but if I have to walk I'll get by there. I am riding the Lance ride on 8/20, planning to sit on Hammerson's wheel all the way.

Oh, and the wheels are somewhat trashed. I need a new front rim, but the rear can be polished. Lovely cheap way to add insult to injury...

Triple Curse Trifecta

OK, that's it. Trouble comes in threes.

After not finishing (1) last year's triple, the motivation was high this year. So I crash (2), break some bones and can't ride. But no fear, I can still wreak havoc.

The guy that bought my ride in the triple crashed (3) in Vail (pothole, endo). Broke a scapula, got a concussion and road rash on his face. They let him out of the hospital TODAY.

There's always someone that can do it better...

FW: If only Redlight was a tour rider

From Reeeechard -

Valverde starts training
Alejandro Valverde has resumed training after breaking his collarbone in a crash in stage 3 of the Tour de France. Valverde had surgery last Thursday, and two days later he was able to ride on his home trainer: 10 minutes on Saturday, then half an hour on Sunday. He is being monitored by Dr Martínez Romero, who performed the operation, and is visiting him each day to check that everything is healing well.

Valverde expects to be back on the road in less than 10 days, and he will resume competition after that with the aim of starting in the Vuelta a España on August 26. "I am feeling rather ok", said Valverde, "Even if I really suffer when I watch the Tour on TV. In fact that hurts me much more than my shoulder does!"


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Will they ever learn

One of Zabriskie’s quotes after the TT.


"I was hoping for the win, but sometimes it doesn't work. Honestly, I wish could have seen this course in advance. It was hard to get a feel for it."


It is stunning to think that these skinny dudes are paid millions to ride the tour yet can’t find the time to preview the stages.  The route was announced months ago.

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