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Friday, May 27, 2005

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

So the nice weather has returned. Problem is, the bulk of the team is out of town. As luck would have it, Fabs has returned; albeit at 1:00 am.

We caught a little Monarch buzz and rode in near perfect conditions. Slight wind, sun shining and 65 degrees. As usual, there was one unfortunate moment. Fabs was moving forward to give me some room to get around some gravel. Problem was that it was near the top of the first Monarch Hill and I thought he was pulling the typical beat your brains in move. With this in mind, I covered and then launched taking my heart to over 190. Here comes Fabs cursing just as much as I was. Between gasps, we laughed and enjoyed the rest of a perfect ride.

Sorry that the whole team wasn't there to enjoy this awesome ride.

Fabs - Thanks for the great ride.

Snel Dik

Monday, May 23, 2005


A beautiful number, but what does it mean? Is it a hot new radio station? Is it my current hermatocrit level? How about VO2 Max?

No, 83.9 is the top speed I achieved down the Monarch hills with the ridiculous wind yesterday afternoon. Now before you non-Euros bust our your HPs to translate that speed from KPH to minivan, its 52.4 MPH. That's a new high speed for me. And let me tell you I bellied up to an expensive bar. I am guessing there was a 30 mph tail wind as the flags at the top of Daniel's Gate were straight out; a reference to the 1983 edition of the BSA Field Manual proved this out. This meant a brutal head wind or side wind for half the ride. It was torture.

The payoff came on the down hills. I had held a 123 cadence all the way out in the gears at the top of the big hill, hit an 81.2 kph on this descent. The tailwind allowed me to carry a ton of speed up the back of the Monarch double hill. From here it was down in the aero bars with the ass off the back of the seat to watch the speed climb steadily up the ladder.

What a rush.

PS - Basso is a pig.

recovery and scouting

No posts? Basso blows it big time, Discovery takes Giro lead, all this and no posts?

I'm having withdrawal issues here, and I need a daily fix...

Anyway, we are in Phoenix (111 yesterday????). On the way down we drove the Cuchara Pass as a scouting trip for the Stonewall Classic ride August 13. That is just a gorgeous piece of Colorado. It'll be a fun ride, if anyone is up for it.

Recovery has consisted of sitting in the car Friday and Saturday. We drove through the petrified forest (Dirt, it is off I-40), after a night in Albuquerque. The hotel here is awesome, the waterpark will keep us occupied all day. I won't ride, but at these temps, who cares. Stacey and I are doing the CycloCore thing every AM, just to get rolling. We then ruin it all with margaritas, beer, chips, sourcream and Mexican-based goodies.

We'll be at the Grand Canyon when Q takes to the road for me in the CCTT. Dirt, I hope you have another day of nice conditions. Put up a good time, it's the last one this year.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Top Ten Overall...

I managed to beat the guy in the 10th spot overall by 9 places. I was only trailing by 6 points, so I believe that when they recalculate, I am #10 overall this year.

A time of 24.37 tonight was a new record for me. It was an all out effort, and I looked like a total mess when I finished (as in snot, slobber and goop all over my face). However, everyone else rode very well, too, and I was left in 9th place (I have made it to 7th twice).

Too bad I'm missing my last race. If Artie races, he'll need just 3 points to get the spot back.

So, Q, there is your goal. Beat Artie (or lose by no more than 2 spots) and keep us in the top 10 for 2005...

The Tour Baby! - UPDATE

I was perusing Scott Coady's website yesterday (www.thetourbaby.com) and noticed on his "Contact Scott" page that the guy listed his address, phone number, fax number and e-mail. I decided to send Scott a note letting him know how much I enjoyed his movie, and how much I appreciated his fundraising for the LAF (he is close to his goal of raising $100,000 for the foundation). I also decided to tease Dirt in the process (although it is the truth). I figured I might get a response someday or maybe not at all. I should have known better. If the guy is down to earth and bold enough to list all of his contact info, he is probably a bit different than your normal individual. Not only did Scott respond within about 30 minutes, he again listed his home phone number if I wanted to call and talk more about his organized trip to the Tour this year. Cool guy. Looking forward to his next movie. See message exchange below.

From: Scott Coady

To: 'Richard Henderson'


Date: Tue May 17, 2005 01:15:37 PM PDT

Subject: RE: Hello


Thanks for writing... I appreciate knowing how much the film means to you

and your friends..... you all will be glad to know that I am working on

another one which should be out later this year about my adventures

following the Paris-Roubaix baby!

I would love to have you with us this year. Never mind your buddies, make

some new friends. I don't know if you heard but Davis Phinney will be

joining us on the trip so it is going to be even more special.

If you need me to talk to your wife, I will happily give her a call. I have

done this for several guys already and I am batting 1000 getting them to say


Give me her name and number and you are going to the Tour de France Baby!

Call me if you have any questions about the trips.



-----Original Message-----

From: Richard Henderson [mailto:ridetrek@mac.com]

Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 12:42 PM

To: scott.coady@att.net

Subject: Hello


I love your film and look forward to more films from you in the future.

Seeing the Tour from a fan's perspective was awesome. I was amazed at how

you talked your way into so many cool areas and events during the Tour.

I actually bought my autographed copy from you personally at the Ride for

the Roses last year. I have watched "The Tour Baby" several times and laugh

non-stop every time I watch it. I have a friend, Greg, that cries every

time we watch the movie during the part when you are screaming about Pantani

and Lance near the top of Mt. Ventoux. Good times.

I think that it is great that you support the LAF to the degree that you

have so far. I have been traveling to the RFTR from Denver for the past

several years to honor my Dad. I don't pretend to speak for others, but

thanks for what you do from someone who has lost a loved one to cancer and

has many other family members fighting the disease.

I've been thinking about joining your group for the trip to the Tour this

year. I have not been able to convince any of my buddies to open their

wallets, and still need the okay from the Mrs. Hopefully I will see you in

France. If not, maybe in Austin again.

Good luck in whatever you do. I hope we see more from you soon. OLN should

hire you for their Tour coverage.


Training camp changes

Q has to change our condo situation. We will not be able to stay in Copper on Friday or Saturday.

We can go Thursday night and stay there, ride the triangle on Friday and then go to WinterPark (our condo is available Fri and Sat). Then on Saturday we can do Fabio's river trail, and sunday we can do Berthoud pass.


we can go out Fri AM, ride Fabio's ride, stay in WP and maybe ride Trail Ridge Parkway on Saturday for a tough 12000 footer. That way we can stay home Thu night, and we won't be going all over the place.

Please post comments and votes. I will be out until 5/31, but the condo is good to go and so am I.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Gotta love Cipo.

Check out all the Photos

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Recovery, here we come...

This is where we'll be recovering from Colorado's weather changes... and getting ready for training camp cycling. This is South Pointe Mountain Resort, AZ. Forecast? 100+ degrees all week. Maybe I can avoid the total cyclists suntan for a change.

Basso Blasts Bozos...

If you're not following the Giro, you're missing out on some serious fireworks. Basso supposedly got "nailed" yesterday, giving up about a minute on a final climb. Cunego and Simoni were looking strong and feeling good.

UNTIL TODAY's TIMETRIAL. Dave Zabriskie (US, Team CSC) set an excellent target for Basso, who now is in second overall with more than a minute on Cunego, and more than two on Simoni. Savodelli of Discovery is nicely placed in third overall, with Danielson set to help in the hills. Bunch of Tifosi going at it hard, it's just about anybody's race right now.

Internet live coverage has got me hooked. I can't wait for the TdF this year, at least that'll be on TV.

70 kph w/ one to the chest

I got shot today. Right in the sternum and it hurt. If you have never been shot before, you can't imagine what it's like to feel the searing heat of white hot metal penatrating your chest. South Central kind of pain.

This all happened as I was crossing the 70 kph threshold on the Donk(and yes I have gone euro and switched my computer to metric, shut up). I was sailing down the big hill on Monarch, comeing home. I had been cruising the ride at a really nice clip after blazing by several Castle Pines fatties on their "comfort" bikes. The shot came from a strap on my camelback. It seems I had an undone buckle which broke free in the wind and nailed my chest as if shot from a howitzer.

So now here is the picture; fullaero in aero bars with ass off the back of the saddle, pedals at 3 & 9, knees tucked in, speedometer rolling higher up the scale then WHAMMMMO, I got nailed. How I didn't hit the deck I will never know. I guess that is where your body relies on muscle memory.

In other news, Jib has got his tits, I mean eyes done. He says that he can see really well and is enjoying the benefits of lasik. Check it out for yourself.

Snel Dik

Thursday, May 12, 2005

High Grade Sunday

This weekend will be my last riding before training camp. I'll be out of town starting 5/19. I plan to ride hard this weekend, and also on Wednesday at the CCTT. I want to go on my trip with the need to recover the first few days. So, here's the plan:

I have soccer stuff on Saturday, from 10:00 AM till 1:30 PM. I'm up for an early AM ride (back by 9) or anytime after 2 PM.

Early Sunday morning, Q and I are attempting to conquer High Grade (my first time this season). Any atheist heathens want to tag along?

It's supposed to be 70 degrees out, but it might be nippy in the AM. We haven't set an exact time, but probably around 7 AM or so. Please email, as I may not see the website over the weekend (yeah, right).


One cloud, 45 minutes

Apparently, Dirt's dancing to the wind gods is paying off. That, or someone really doesn't like me. For the second time this year, Dirt got to ride in reasonable conditions, finishing just before the crap rolled in. I got to ride after the temperature dropped 11 degrees, the wind nearly turned over SUV's and rain started to fall. Again, I misjudged the weather, and rode with too little protection (leg warmers in the truck, not on my legs, no gloves). One of these days, the weather will be in my favor, as it was last week (but Dirt sat out, so we have no comparison).

Either way, I'm in 11th overall, with little chance of catching the 10th spot. I need to beat him by at least 8 spots next week to catch him, and I'm out the last race. Maybe we need some Banshee VOODOO on him (anyone want to carry some tacks? a stick in the spoke? Hell, he might still beat me...).

I guess that leaves my goal for next year very clear: Top 10 overall.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Tour Baby!

Was reading articles on a cycling website and saw an ad that may change our lives forever. Scott Coady, the gonzo filmmaker behind The Tour Baby!, has his own organized trips to the TdF this year. I'm sure it might be less organized, wilder and generally nuttier than Trek Travel or one of the other seasoned Tour travel organizers, but I'm sure that it is a trip that you would never forget. Participation is limited to 15 people. Anyone else have $4K - $5K they don't need? Definitely a last chance to see Lance in France.

Check out the facts on Scott's website, and click to read the details of the first trip (Alpe d'Huez and Mt. Ventoux!).


You also should read Scott's note to potential trip takers. I'll paste it here.


Greetings Tour de France fans!

If you are reading this, I will assume that you have seen my film - The Tour Baby! and that you are a "true" Tour de France fan. By "true" TdF fan, I mean, you are passionate about it. You wake up early to catch it live on TV. You tune into live broadcasts on the web and read everything you can get your hands on. You might even tape the coverage on TV or buy the DVDs of the race footage to watch over. If you are like me, in 2003 (the only year I haven't been to the Tour in the last four years) I ordered cable TV service for the Month of July, then turned it off. As a "true" TdF fan, your passion for the event flows regardless of who rides it, is favored to win or what country he is from.

As a true Tour de France fan, you know that this promises to be one of the most exciting Tours in history. Either, the field will produce a new champion and we will see Lance defeated or Lance will become untouchable. Regardless, it promises to be full of drama and suspense. Will Jan finally win a second Tour? Will Floyd step it up big time? Or will Basso become king? Imagine the fervor of the Spanish fans we be swept up in if we enter the Pyrenees mountains with Mayo in yellow and a chance to carry it all the way to Paris?

I created these trips because so many of you wrote to me asking if you could go with me to the Tour. Something in the film caught your imagination, or ignited your passion. You want to go the Tour de France. But you don't just want to go and see it, you want to feel it, breath it, suffer with it. You want to experience as much of the Tour as you can by riding the legendary climbs, partying on the mountains, and being part of a team roaming around the country of France in pursuit of the Tour's incredible energy force.

Our trip together will be special because for one week, you will you become a member of "Team Tour Baby" who's mission will be to ride and party as much as humanly possible.

We will live, eat and ride as team (or in sub teams) just like the Pros as we tackle daily missions to experience as much of the Tour de France as possible. Each day will be an opportunity for you and your team to capture a unique Tour experience and at night we will celebrate our success together sharing stories of the day and discussing the races as it unfolds over delicious French food.

We will kick off our week with our very own team presentation (like the pros do) where you will receive your new Team Tour Baby jersey and pose for a team photo.

As a member of Team Tour Baby! you will be bound by our CODE OF CONDUCT that will guide our actions for the week together.

Share your passion
Focus on what is possible
Leave no teammate behind
Stay positive
Damage no one or nothing
Make it happen
No whining, crybabies or loudmouths

We will be checking in with each other and as a group all along the way to see how we are doing as a team and if we are taking care of each other and achieving our mission. Of course I will be filming our adventure together and you will receive a DVD mini film containing lots of highlights of you and your teammates as you take on and experience the Tour de France.

Team Tour Baby! will be limited to 15 clients and be supported by 6 staff including yours truly.

Since the film is distributed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA, we will surely have an eclectic and fun group of committed Tour de France fans join our team, just like most of the Pro Teams today.

I have partnered with EUROPEDS to create this trip because:
Europeds has been leading cycling trips in Europe for over twenty years
The owner, David Martin, shares my passion for the Tour

and my vision for creating our unique Team Tour Baby! approach
Europeds has existing relationships with the hotels we will use
Europeds supplies the buses, drivers and mechanics
Europeds prepares and sets up the lunches
Europeds will ensure we can focus on what we love to do best, ride and party

A Word of Caution

Don't come of this trip if you need to know exactly what will happen when, exactly how many miles it is from here to there and exactly how many feet of climbing we will do on day three.

Don't come on this trip if you will be disappointed if you don't get to have coffee with Lance and discuss race strategy.

And please do not come of this trip if you are more interested in racing everyone in our group and being the first one to the top of every climb. If that is your thing, then this trip is not for you. Sure, ride hard at times. Get to the top first on one of them. But not every day.

In my experience, the most magical and memorable experiences are organic. By that I mean not planned. We will endeavor to create our magical moments by creating and maintaining an atmosphere of fun and possibility while being inclusive of others and open to what unfolds before us. We won't chase after that which we desire, rather, we will put ourselves in places of opportunity and allow them to come to us.

If this makes sense to you, then you have what it takes to be a valued member of the team and I would enjoy having you with us.

Make your reservation today and get ready for the ride of your life.

Scott Coady

PS. If you have any questions at all,
please call David Martin at Europeds (415) 388-2853.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

News Flash II

Highlands Ranch, CO - With ace rider Dirt out of the Banshee Cycling line up, lieutenant duties fell squarly on the shoulders of domestique Redlight. Under what can only be described as ideal conditions, anything but stellar performance would have been disappointing for the entire team. Redlight let his legs do the talking


'nuf said

News Flash

Highlands Ranch, CO - Team doctors for the Banshee Cycling team have determined that ace rider Dirt will not start today's Cherry Creek Time Trials. Doctors have determined that it is best to let Dirt recover from a bout with Ebola before racing again. They anticipate administering heavy doses of EPO in an effort to revive their star in time for next week's Cherry Creek Time Trial.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Stick a fork in me

So my training has sucked big time this past week and to top it off, I feel and ill coming on. Sounds like a perfect time to go ride. The good news is that tomorrow's race might just be in the sun! I'm betting that we get a constant wind.

The big change I am going to make this week is the addition of warm-up with iPod. Surprisingly the mood that you ride in has a lot to do with how hard you go. Redlight and I messed with this last year.

Here is my iMix for the warm up. (yeah I know, you've never heard of this crap)

Jurassic 5 - A Day at the Races
Garbage - Androgyny
Spiderbait - Black Betty
Dry Cell - Body Crumbles
P.O.D. - Boom (The Crystal Method Remix)
The Clintons - Fan Of The Bean
Seether - Gasoline (Demo Version)
Primus - Greet The Sacred Cow
Aimee Allen - I'd Start a Revolution
Dry Cell - I Confide
Moth - I See Sound
DoubleDrive - Imprint (Demo)
Bender - Isolate
Taxi Doll - Look What You Get
Stone Roses - Love Spreads
BT - Mad Skillz
Silvertide - Mary Jane
BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down
Skindred - Pressure
Hellacopters - Pride
Headboard - Pull (Me Down)
The Vines - Ride
Relient K - Sadie Hawkins Dance
Lost Prophets - Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja
Gomez - Shot Shot
Blur - Song 2 (remix)
Jurassic 5 - The Game
Garbage - Why Do You Love Me

We'll see if this great mix can overcome a crappy training week. Oh yeah, that and the fear of the white mini van.

Coolest bike on the street

Check out this link, it would be the coolest bike on the street. Greg, it might help you in the CCTT as well.


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