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Monday, January 31, 2005

Bike Stoke Part Deux

As the kids are gliding into bed tonight I hear my cell ring downstairs. I figure voicemail will get it and continue on with reading the Polar Express to Vince. Then the house phone rings, which I answer to find the excited voice of Hammerson.

"Hey Dude", I say

"Papa Streech, what's going on?", says Hammerson

"Nothing, just putting the kids to sleep. What's up with you?"

"Well, I got something that will add to your bike stoke, as if you really need it."

"Really" I'm thinking what the hell could this be.

"Yeah dude, I'll be right over."

So the cryptic, add to your bike stoke has me wondering. We all have most of the gadgets and gizmos...what could this be?

A few minutes later (dude must have been speeding) I open the door to find Hammerson with an ear to eat grin standing in my door. "Check this out" he says as he jams a book into my hands.

This is no ordinary book. This is a full-on book that photographically details our trip to Austin for the 2004 Ride for the Roses. This thing is totally cool. Pictures of all the events sorted in the chronology of the trip. Apparently iPhoto has a feature that you can create these custom photo albums which they will bind and ship to you. I am now a proud owner of one of these books which resides, with much pride, on my bookshelf downstairs.

Oh, by the way, the Wire Donkey doesn't have much time for red tires or removal of her skin. She's busy getting fast.

Fat or Fast?


Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
All this talk of riding and training is getting me stoked to ride outside. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden in the month of January. December 31st was the last outdoor ride for me. My weekends have consisted solely of skiing and Haagen Daz. How's that for a training plan. I don't need an altitude tent, rollers or a trainer. Just give me more FAT!


Carla At Rest
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Earlier today you saw naked Titanium. Here's a look at some naked Carbon. Carla just got a tune up and a new seat, new chain and new tires. Check out the red tires! Now if we could just get rid of the snow....

Better get fast...

Triple Bypass registration begins on Active.com - February 1st

weird, huh??? Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Anne Saved My Life!

Saturday night I dreamt that I was going to die. Not some terrible cancer diagnosis where I was waiting around with all of the requisite sadness of pending doom. No my fate was much more my speed.

I was cruising the Porsche around some ridiculous muddy, high mountain road complete with huge boulders and the stuff you find in a Jeep commercial. I had been happily sliding the corners at a high rate of speed when, on a tight, uphill 90 degree turn, the back end slid out and over the edge. I and the Boxter slowly tumbled twice before becoming fully airborne over a cliff. At this point I spun around inside the cockpit and got my feet facing down which happened to be on the passenger side door. I could then look out and see the ground, in ridiculous detail racing up at me. I could see the huge grey rock that the front of the car would hit first and the other smaller boulders on the ledge that I was going to hit. This couldn’t be good and at this speed, it was over and I was going to die.

Anne woke me up just before I hit. Given the urban legend that if you die in your dream you really do die, she might have saved my life. At least she is taking credit for saving me. She tells me that I was whimpering in my sleep and that it scared her to hear this sound coming from me.

So what the hell does this mean? As you can imagine, I have spent several hours today trying to resolve this question. Using all of my intellect, I have determined that this is clearly a sign from God. I must quit my high stress career, become a bike messenger and live low. This all sounded like a good plan and then the following happened:

I don’t like riding in the snow and would never make it here in my beloved Denver. As for riding in the snow, been there, done that, don’t want the T-Shirt. So I must rely on my alternate conclusion: Quit your whimpering and get your ass on the bike!

Nice huh?

Naked and ready to ride...

The other option on a rainy saturday, when the wife is gone and you have to watch the kids? Strip the shitty blue paint job off the pretty titanium... So, now I have a not yet polished, but all clean titanium ride, with a blue fork (can't strip carbon, so we'll have to buy a new fork soon...) and two blue bottle holders... very strange look , the bike actually seems smaller.

Anyway, the only thing I messed up was the cable to the rear derailleur. I could ride in just one gear, and only use the three rings in front, or she could go to the shop for a tune-up and new wire... but she's all naked...and she's not all polished yet...

BikeSource it is.

Oh, and Sunday was another 5.5 hour session on the moguls and steeps of Winter Park. This week, we're going for serious effort and strength off the bike until she's fixed. February is muscle month.

FAST (not fat)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Serious Bike Stoke

What to do on a rainy Saturday in January? Well, load up the family for a little tour de Denver of course.

We dropped the wire donkey off at Ed Sussman's place (Bicycle Pedal'r) for the retooling of the bottom bracket. Seems these things wear out and mine was well beyond prime. While she was getting fixed, we took a drive around some old Denver neighborhoods and ended up in the Lowry Town Center. Very cool project that finally has some tenants.

While Anne was scoping out a flower shop and a card shop, I dropped into the local "bike shop" called Pedal Pushers. The name had me expecting to find another kiddie/townie store so I rolled in with as full complement of kids in tow. I should have known something better awaited me when I saw the Moots sticker in the window. Inside I found a cramped store jammed with Cannondale/Jamis etc all centered on the work bench. For further effect, they had The Donnas playing on the store's sound system.

After browsing the few racks of requisite Sponge Bob jerseys I found a cool rig stuck in the corner. It was a fully built up, slightly muddy Moots cyclocross setup on a 47 cm frame. While at 6'3" Hammerson wouldn't even notice he was on a bike, this baby was even small for me. With full disk brakes, knobby tires and the beautiful Moots titanium welds, this ride was something special.

It might have been the fact that I locked onto his personal bike, but as I was looking the Moots over, shop owner Jason (didn't get a last name) came over and started chatting bikes. This was no sales pitch but rather a "who the hell is this poser in my shop" kind of talk. After a while, Jason informed me that he opened the place about a year ago and has set up a Cat 3 with 2 Cat 1 riders team. Furthermore, he is working to set up a race this summer; either downtown or in Meridian. I guess I must have said something right because I was treated to a private preview of the new team kit that was still its boxes. Gotta tell say it looked pretty sharp.

At this point Anne arrived to gather up me and the kids and head out. As we slid out the door, I couldn't help but think, "damn, I need to ride.....right now"! I can only attribute this feeling to a great bike stoke. While it is not so unique, our sport inspires feeling of intense passion. However, I find it strange that a 20 minute conversation with a stranger that rides can get you so fired up that you need to immediately "scratch the itch.

If you are in the neighborhood, I recommend that you drop in on Jason to say hello. But make sure that you take your ride cause you are gonna wanna pound out a few miles after the visit.

Fast or Fat?

Friday, January 28, 2005

Training Effort

Redlight has made the suggestion that last year he and I may have been suffering from the effects of overtraining. While this seems hard to believe, he might be right.

Last year a typical training week encompassed 100 to 125 miles, very few were flat or easy. What I have noticed these past few weeks is that if I take two days off from training, the third day seems to be effortlessly powerful. Case and point is tonight. I skipped the last two nights workout because I was wupped. Tonight I rode an average pace of nearly 23 mph and kept my heart rate at an astoundingly low 150!

This leads me to believe that once we have captured the aerobic conditioning needed for training, extra rest allows for bigger efforts from the legs. This should result in stronger muscles and more power output.

In the end, I think I agree with Redlight's diagnosis of overtraining. Maybe a little more rest days and bigger efforts on the ride days.

Fast or Fat?

Pedal'r Soiree - RECAP

Had a good time at Pedal'r last night. Ate some free hors d' ouevres, drank a Fat Tire (appropriate in a bike shop) and listened to a Trek sales rep pimp their new rides and Trek Travel vacations. The information on the new bikes was basic, and kept brief for those with adult ADD.

The Trek Travel info was amazing. I am completely stoked about trying to do a Trek Travel vacation. I have one of their catalogs with all of the various rides and information. I also secured two (2) 15% off coupons for Trek Travel vacations. Now I just need to convince a friend or the Mrs. to go with me.

Anyone up for the "Classic Climbs of the TdF"? How about "California Wine Country", including a ride and dinner with the Disco team - plus VIP access to the T-Mobile in San Francisco. There are approximately 40 - 50 different vacations to choose from across the US and Europe. All include food, first class hotel accommodations, ride support and they provide you with a Madone 5.2 to ride during the trip. Very cool. All vacations are between $1,075 and $3,275 per person, with the exception of a few vacations where LA, Graham Watson or some other cycling "celebrity" joins you on the trip. The only thing not provided is airfare. Who's with me?

LA Debuts On Sirius This Sunday

Lance Armstrong has a radio show debuting this Sunday at 7:00 MST on Faction - Sirius channel 28. Here's a quote from LA:

"SIRIUS has already gathered an amazing group of sports heroes for the Faction channel, and I'm honored to be included among them," said Armstrong. "Each week, I'll share some of my experiences, speak with listeners, bring on special guests and, most importantly, play some of my favorite music."

Read more on Sirius.com. If you don't have Sirius, meet me at home or in the car if you want to listen in.


Its coming down

As I have written before, this is an anxious time for Redlight and me. We are waiting for our response from the ACA on our start time for the Cherry Creek Time Trials. As with an eight year old on December 20th waiting for Christmas, I am particularly impatient.

The good news today is that Redlight and I will know our fate on Tuesday. The following was posted on the ACA website this morning.

I have received more entries than I have spaces for the Cherry Creek Time Trials. I will be compiling the start list over the next week and will publish it to the web on February 1st. Riders will be asked to check the start list and see if the time given will be acceptable. Those wishing not to use the start time will have a full refund. I will then go to the first entry I have that I couldn't give a space to and contact them to see if they want that time.

Your patience is appreciated as I compile the start list. I received over 400 entries in one week and am processing as quickly as I can. I place riders in the order that I receive the mail.

Beth Wrenn-Estes, Cherry Creek Time Trial Registration.

Oh Baby! The waiting is almost over. For the rest of you, on Tuesday of next week you will know whether or not you should be buying a new cow bell!

Fat or Fast?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Danielson Q&A

Velonews has a good interview with Tom Danielson from the trip over to Malaysia. Team Discovery will be racing both the Tour of Langkawi and the Tour of Qatar this weekend.


Hematocrit levels

Bonfils tested me today when I donated blood. My hematocrit level was 52%. I rule.

Moving to Austin...

Now they've found something to get the heart rate up...

LA branches out to fitness centers:

Bicycle Retailer reports that the chain of fitness clubs, 24 Hour Fitness, will open a signature Lance Armstrong club in Austin later this summer.
The health club giant also signed on as a sponsor to Armstrong's Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team and as a supporter of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a cancer research and support organization, BRAIN reported on its web page.
According to the report, the Armstrong signature club will feature a "Lance Armstrong cycling room" in addition to the standard health club amenities.

A Lance Armstrong cycling room... just like Fabio's basement...

Armstrong, F-1 and the Hour Record

Interesting story at CyclingNews.com. Looks like Lance is plotting a run at the hour record. He has mentioned this many times in interviews, but now it appears that there is evidence it may happen. I'm pulling for Colorado Springs as the site for the attempt. He may even take a shot at the "absolute" hour record and the "best hour performance".


Don't let your kids be the last on the block ....

A 16 year old South African rider has tested positive for EPO. Here's a blurb from CyclingNews.com.

16 year-old positive for EPO
A 16 year-old South African cyclist has tested positive for EPO, becoming the youngest rider ever to test positive for the banned blood boosting substance. The rider in question was Michael van Staden (ACIZ CPPA), who was tested during the South African U16 tour in Ermelo in September 2004, where he finished fifth. Both his A and B samples were positive.

Van Staden's case was heard last December by the national governing body, Cycling South Africa, which banned him for a year. However, his sentence was suspended for two years as CSA accepted Van Staden's defence that he did not take EPO intentionally. Rather, he believed that a doctor or a team manager could have injected him with the substance without him knowing what it was.
There is a possibility that the World Anti-Doping Agency and the UCI will appeal CSA's decision in order to determine who was actually responsible.

Pound for Pound

Scanning this morning's Wall Street Journal I happened along a little article about food. Since I have been reading Carmichael's book, Food for Fitness, I thought that this might be an interesting read on the economics of the movement towards healthier fare in our resturants.

I was shocked to learn that the article was more about the "fatter" approach that the burger joints are heading. Case and point is the chain Hardee's. While long ago I vowed never to eat another fast food burger, I found the chart below startling.

1,400 calories for one burger! Are you kidding me? This will kill an elephant. Imagine for a moment that you have decided that the Hardee's Monster Thickburger is the way to go. You wash one of these cows down with a "diet" coke and some fries. Now hop onto your bike and pedal up Deer Creek. I am sure that somewhere this side of the High Grade turn off the "Thickburger" would have converted your carcass to a mere speed bump.

Suffice it to say, I will never, ever, eat another fastfood burger. These guys are trying to kill their customers, one artery at a time!!!!

Fat or Fast?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Do you have your license?

It seems that the ACA wanted to pull a fast one on both Redlight and me. When I cruised downstairs to pick up the mail from the Pony Express, included among the credit card offers and Aol discs was a little letter from the American Cycling Association.

Could this be the notice that my application had been included for the Cherry Creek Time Trials? My heart raced as I tore open the envelope.

I learned that this was only a cruel hoax sent only to get me excided (and you know that very few things get me excited). ACA clearly thinks it’s funny to send your racing license separate from your entry into the Cherry Creek Time Trial. As both Redlight and I learned, we are both licensed to race with ACA in the Men’s 35+ Cat 4 division. And while we got a nifty ACA sticker for our cars, we are still waiting to learn our fate for the CCTT.

Come on Mr. Postman. We need you to come through for us!!!!

Fat or Fast

REMINDER - Pedal'r Soiree

Just a reminder that the Party at Pedal'r is tomorrow night at 7:00. Do we want to meet at Pedal'r at 7:00, or is anyone interested in grazing beforehand? We could have a few slices at Abo's or some Chinese food at Little Holly's and then roll over to the event. Takers?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pass me the bottle

I think it might be “high” time to join the game that has been played out by our boys on the pro tour. As evidenced by the past few years, it seems that cyclists on the pro tour have all been using performance enhancing drugs. This has made them faster, quicker to recover and have the ability to do more “work”.

Why should we be left out of this game? While these studs of the wheel are using the drugs to make them more money, I think I should be able to get some performance enhancing drugs for my business. The excuse used by these pros is that the pressure to perform is what has driven the likes of David Millar et al to using EPO to enhance their performance. I have pressure; likely more than all these guys combined.

Just think, if I could take Adderall to enhance my performance in developing property, I could make more money and my sponsors (read: me) would be happier with my results. This is the same logic used by the pros that have been caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar….and I, for one, am buying.

So give me some performance enhancing drugs. I can make more money quicker then retire to spend more time on the bike. Once on the bike, I will need to take more performance enhancing drugs so that…….

Fat or Fast


When I left for work today at 6:30, there was a single roadie out on Broadway. It was in the 30's. That is hard core.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The line on my arm

You have all probably noticed that the line between the deep brown and the milky white skin on your arms has all but disappeared. This is a sad reckoning as cyclists wear this “farmers” tan with extreme pride. This is because the deeper the contrast on your arms, the more miles contained in your legs.

So what to do in those dreary days of winter when you are stuck inside like the kid staring out the window on a rainy day? You pray that God gives you a glorious day like today. Seventy-one degrees, not a breath of wind. It is at this moment you grab your machine and ride Monarch as hard as you can, sans sunscreen, hoping to lay down a new layer of melatonin.

Let me just tell you that today was a near perfect ride. Plenty of sunny day cyclists to crush, high speeds and no water on the road. Cap this with a stop in at M$ney’s football party while wearing a full cycling kit, it doesn’t get much better. (Needless to say the beer swilling fatties of the Banshee Softball team were amused when I rolled in sporting lycra head to toe!)

So I get back from the ride behold my handy work; the first pinkish tint has returned right where it is supposed to be. Aaah to be on the road again; blowing lights, tearing the legs off of the fatties, laying flat on the seat for extra speed!!! And to top it off, the line on my arm is radiating once again.

Fat or Fast

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Not necessarily stoned,

.....but beautiful

So I am cranking away in the basement, iPod cranked, a little Discovery channel shark show on the screen when Jimi comes on. It’s his “Are you experienced?” song. Fully psychedelic and a great tune for the basement grind. But it is the last line of the song that gets me thinking.

Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful.

This could be many things, but I attribute it to the feeling of endorphins and lactic acid now coursing the veins within my thighs. Not necessarily bad but rather, it’s beautiful. It’s the conversion of the slow leaving the legs and the grand entry of fast…..or at least faster.

The training effect is starting to kick in and I can easily up the intensity of the work outs. Redlight has got me thinking about the strength aspect of training rather than aerobic capacity. Shit we ride so many miles in the light that our aerobic engines are built for all day performance. It’s the muscle mass that needs work. If you can perform the same amount of work in less time, so much the better for the aerobic system.

Time to hit the weights.

Fat or Fast?

Euro's know quotes...

"A cyclist who's won six times the most important race in the world will find it difficult to be satisfied with four classics," Unzué said in an interview with the sports daily AS. "If you're accustomed to hunting elephants, there's nothing exciting about shooting partridges."

As in LA will ride TDF.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Racing underway.... FINALLY!

Robbie McEwen won the initial stage of the Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under. He beat Stuart O'Grady, Baden Cooke and 92 other riders to the line. Ahhhh!


Pedal'r Party Update - THURSDAY 1/27

Evidently, I was looking too far forward in the year and gave you the day of the week for February 27th rather than January 27th. The shindig at Pedal'r is THURSDAY January 27th. See you there.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Ventoux in my basement

We’ve all had those days that seem to suck the will to live from your soul. These are usually centered around dealing with people. Well, today was one of those days and the training ride I had planned for the evening was in serious danger.

As I was pondering whether or not I could afford another skip day when I dropped onto the blog for a little inspiration. Well, lo and behold I found what I was looking for in Redlight calling his shot for the upcoming Cherry Creek TT. 0-7…NFW

Seething from his challenge, I hopped on the rollers and launched into my typical 22 mile ride. Half way through, that urge to bail became really strong. My heart wasn’t in it and I knew my ride was toast.

It is then that I heard it.

It started really quiet, too far away to tell who or what it was. The sound seemed to come from deep in the back of my skull. There it was again, louder this time. And this time I heard it. It was Scott Coady screaming…..its Pantani and Lance!!!!!!! Gooooooooooo ho ho hooo. I was there; climbing Ventoux, Coady screaming, the cowbells, the crowd, the blistering sun. I pounded on the pedals trying desperately to keep up with il pirate and the Boss. It was all out, uphill and pure joy.

This went on for another half hour, sweat pouring out of every inch of my body. The ride was over, I was spent. I am not sure whether or not a hyper-aerobic workout this time of year fits into the Carmichael training regimen. I am also not sure I care; I climbed Ventoux and banked 24 more off-season, basement miles. I plan to draw on these babies sometime in May when I kick Rooodlicht’s ass.

Fast or Fat?

Bet we could add a few...

Check out this list sure to amuse all:


Party at Pedal'r - Jan 27th

Got an invite in the mail from Ed over at Bicycle Pedal'r to attend a party ("VIP Open House") on Sunday night January 27th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the Wildcat location. The party is designed as a premier customer preview of 2005 products (Project One, Madone, Pilot, Fuel EX, Bontrager and WSD). Also, Trek Travel will be providing free wine and hors d'oeuvres. Those attending the open house can get 15% off a Trek Travel vacation. There will also be a drawing for "valuable prizes from Trek, Bontrager and Bicycle Pedal'r". Anyone interested in coming with?

Carla gets a little love

Dropped Carla off at Bicycle Pedal'r for a free tune up. Even paid a little extra for drivetrain disassembly and cleaning. Also picked up a new Dura-Ace chain. Best of all, I dropped off my new Fi'zi'k Arione carbon and titanium saddle for installation. Decided to take up our man Ray on his offer. Picked up the saddle in San Francisco last week. Got a great deal.

I'll pick up Carla tomorrow all tuned up and ready for the new season of riding. Look out.

still the man...

javascript:void window.open('/slideshow.php?article_id=7412&image_id=9960&dir=/images/int/', 'Gallery', 'height=620,width=720');

not sure this works, if not, look on velonews for a photogallery of the new discovery team.

There's one of lance, in wool hat, in the new gear... looks just as tough as USPS to me...

Famous (Dutch) Amos

I just talked with Graeme Street, the guy that made the cyclo-core DVD. I had a specific training question, and he was extremely approachable and helpful.

Anyway, in exchange for his new DVD (cyclo-zen), which incorporates hard intervals and cycling yoga, I am doing a recorded testimonial for him tomorrow. It'll then be put on his website. If the new DVD is anything like the first one, you'll definitely benefit.

I have a new CD-RW on order, and I should be able to help our library out.

CCTT update: I might be out of town for the last two weeks of the TT (Europe). Let me know if anyone is interested in taking my spot...

Saturday, January 15, 2005

What’s on your iPod?

This time of year we all discover why the iPod won top honors as the best new invention to hit cycling. This little gizmo can fire out toonage for hours (ok an hour) on end whilst I tap away on the pedals dreaming of miles asphalt melting in my rearview. But what is it about the iPod that makes it a better tool than all of the other imitators? We have had the original walkman, a boom box etc. But the iPod is still better.

I have deduced that it must be the easily created and eminently modifiable playlists. If we are down of a slow, temop grind, try a little Jack Johnson. Wanna crush a TT pace, maybe a little Zebrahead. Better yet, mix up the playlist for a great interval work out.

In consideration of the value of this tool to deliver just the right tempo, I tempted to think of the music that sets the mood. Top honors aren’t held simply by one artist/album. No, top honors must be the playlist. As such, here is what is in my ears as I work out just how am I gonna crush Rooooodlicht in the TT

1. U2 – Elevation
2. The Scream – Tell Me Why
3. Zebrahead – What’s going on
4. Bender – Isolate
5. Headboard – Pull Me Down
6. Jurassic 5 – A Day at the Races
7. Prodigy – Firestarter
8. Saliva – Click, Click Boom
9. POD – Boom
10. The Donnas – You Wanna Get Me High
11. Dry Cell – I Confide
12. Black Label Society – Stoned & Drunk
13. Limp Bizkit – Rollin’
14. Police – Fall Out
15. Jimi Hendrix - Freedom

CCTT - Forms are up and ready

Sign up for the ride of you life!!!

American Cycling Association: "Cherry Creek Time Trial: Entry Form
Cherry Creek Time Trial: Release"

Friday, January 14, 2005

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

I am thoroughly amped. Tomorrow is the day that I will greedily pull down my application, stuff it and a Franklin in an envelope and pray that it arrives on time to the ACA World Headquarter. It is Cherry Creek TT time! This is one of the best (read most painful) events.

In '04, Redlight and I got a rhythm going whereby we would hook up before the race and warm up for approx 1 hour by circling the parking lot. Once thoroughly warmed up, you get in line for your "launch". Launch is the only way to describe the feeling of the start. Basically a guy holds you vertical while you get your cranks in the right position. Dude #2 gives you a countdown just like the Tour. You then pound a monster gear out of the blocks as your heart meter bends the needle at the top end. Once you settle into a rhythm with your heart at about 95% of max, you hit the HILL. Up you go. My goal last year was to try not to get passed before the hill. I was successful about half the time.

If you weren't hurting before the hill, then you were looking for a gun to kill yourself with when you crest the top. It’s then a long down hill (not steep enough) to the turn around. Can you pedal through a 180 degree turn???? Then up the back of the slight downhill before dropping into the "forest". Don't hit your pedal here; I did and haven't yet stopped shaking.

Now you pound through a series of curves to get on the long home stretch. This is where the really fast guys that started way after you try to make a move. Time to take the heart to 110% of max.....you know, when you see stars and can't feel your fingers anymore.

Lastly, the 1K to go mark which is identified by a cheap, white cardboard sign. This means, standup and kill yourself. If you have ever ridden fast, now is the time because the guys behind you can see you and unlike Monarch, they can crush you!

From here you hit the line and collapse. If you are really lucky you only hack up your lungs for five minutes.

This is glorious, absolutely glorious. I can’t wait for this year. New pedals, new lid and a revamped bottom bracket and I should score in the points! Don’t miss this event. You get this thrill once a week for seven straight weeks.

American Cycling Association: "2005 CHERRY CREEK TIME TRIALS
Entry form and release will be posted the 15th of January. Don't delay once the forms are on the website. Time slots will fill up quickly. Thanks."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

French Press Raided

I could care less that L'Equipe and Le Point were raided by French police for leaking data in the Cofidis affair. However, I did notice that the French press are smart enough to be using Macs (see picture with police carting off eMac from newspaper office). Sorry Fabio.


RideTrek is the proud owner of numerous Apple toys. Even better still, I am an owner of Apple stock that has practically quadrupled in the past year. Speaking of Apple, the folks in Cupertino smashed analysts profit estimates and released a few cool new products. Follow links below.



Now back to our regular cycling programming.

bummer, might have been fun...


Paris-Roubaix Avoids the Arenberg Forest

Organizers (ASO) say that the road through the Arenberg Forest is too dangerous. However, there will still be more than 53 meters of pave' in the 2005 race. See the VeloNews article below.

You gotta love the quote from Magnus Backstedt:

Bäckstedt said that he understands the reasoning behind the decision, but it pains him nonetheless.

"I can understand when people, race organizers and the like, make decisions like that and safety is a big concern for me, too," he added. "But Paris-Roubaix is different. It's not like we are operating on the belief that it's going to be an easy day, now are we?"

"If you want to eliminate the danger, the hazards and the risks, you might as well run it on 260 kilometers of flat roads and be done with it," he said. "Things like slippery cobbles - even big gaps in the road - are what give this race its charm!"


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bring me a beer

Fat or Fast......which are you, and what have you done about it?

So I think I have hit a wall. Or maybe I just trashed my legs. Eitherway, its a rest day for me. Time to curl up with some hop inspired drink....or to save calories, a saphire martini (Furman inspired of course).

The photo below was taken in my kitchen as I came home today from a long day in the trenches. This is proof positive that someone upstairs loves me!

On another note, Redlight tells me that Yellow Randy has been reading the blog of late. We only know this from Redlight's comment as I think Yellow Randy might be somewhat intimidated to jump in the linguistic deep end of the blog. No comments as of yet.

Then we have Hammerson who insists that the new Discovery kit is good looking. This is a clear indication that he is spending waaaaay too much time in San Fran. I haven't heard directly but Fabio says it doesn't match anything in his closet so he is not a fan. For me, I don't do baby blue.

EPO still rules...

Belgian 'crosser Berden positive

He took EPO because his hematocrit was at 38 (and falling?). Oh, yeah, he's Belgian and by definition that means "stupid beyond reason" in Dutch...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I love this time of year.

The motor has turned on and I love it. This is the time of year that we all bank the power in our legs that allows us to destroy the minivan pilots that populate Monarch. This is the time of year when Thor, God of Thunder, replaces the slow and tired muscle fiber with the speed. This is a time of big gears, slow cadence, lunges and power building.

Fat or Fast?

Monday, January 10, 2005

Where in the world is Fabio Koehler?

There has been speculation amongst a few of the Banshee crew that one of us has left the Ranch to take his shot at riding the euro tour….and it is not Roodlicht. Rather, it is our well coifed compatriot S-Works. A quick call to Byarne Riis and Johann have confirmed that some unknown, but well dressed, over the hill rider has been in discussions with the major teams. It seems however that he has in fact signed with the upstart Ethiopian team, Aku Mundi. Look for Fabio on the podium of the upcoming Tour de Addis Ababa.

I guess this also means that we will have to buy our own copies of Spinervals.

Phil Ligget in town...


$350 for dinner, a good cause and some cycling mojo...?

I might be up for it if anyone else is.


UGLY – Bet you got no alibi

The old Fishbone song comes to mind when looking at these pathetic rags. Poor old Discovery is going to need to take a lesson from cycling fashion school which is known for its garish designs. I don’t know how we can even spot these in the peloton!

Friday, January 07, 2005

New Look

First, you will see that as Lord Pimp Blog Master Extraordinaire, I have been working to make this a better blogging environment. Second, let it be a lesson to all to stop and think about what you are doing because you could loose your perfectly built blog if you don't publish it correctly!

Let me know what you think as the changes occur over the next week.

Banshee Book Club (BBC)

RideTrek already has Bobke II, It's Not About the Bike, Every Second Counts, Zinn's Cycling Primer and other cycling books in the library. Today I added another. It's a book called 23 Days in July - Inside Lance Armstrong's Record-Breaking Tour De France Victory by John Wilcockson. Here's a link to a description of the book from Amazon.com. I asked a friend to pick up the book today for me at a downtown bookstore. She came back with an autographed copy for me. SCORE!


Wilcockson also has an interesting piece on VeloNews today about the history of U.S. and British cycling.


Burning Question From PRO Screening

Redlight, Dirt and I were discussing the higher position of brake hoods on pro cyclists' rigs last night while watching PRO. Here is an excerpt from one of Lennard Zinn's Tech Talk columns on VeloNews.com.

On another subject I get a lot of mail about:

Dear Lennard,

I've noticed that over the last two years the position of the brake levers on the riders bars has crept higher and higher...to the point where, as one example, Lance almost has the break grips in a vertical position. Obviously this is a personal preference but what if any sacrifices in aerodynamics are being made and why don't bar manufacturers start modifying the shape of the bar to accommodate this new trend so as to make positioning easier and reaching for the brake levers from the drops less of a reach?


Answer from Easton's John Harrington:

A sharp-eyed reader noticed that brake lever positions have evolved over the last couple of years. Riders are now positioning the brake levers higher on the bars than ever before. The reasons for this dictated a change in handle bar geometry.

Easton's newest composite road bar the Equipe was developed expressly to meet this requirement. The Pro's that Easton support and work with told us what they wanted and helped us hone the design.

What has changed and why is a bar of a different geometry necessary?

The new bar geometry is a result of the latest style of frames we call Compact or Semi-Compact. What's difference? Compact frames differ from standard geometry frames in a number of ways. Compact frames are available in limited number of sizes. The idea is to get the tallest rider on the smallest frame possible. The benefits include a lighter and stiffer frame.

However the limitations include more of a challenge in fitting the rider to the bike. The shorter head tubes found on a Compact frame make managing the relationship between the height of the saddle and the height and the bars difficult. Therefore the necessity of a new bar geometry was born.

Riders using Compact frames need less reach, less drop and a straighter geometry in the transition between the drop of the bar and the upper section of the bar in order to get the brake levers high enough on the bars.

Old style traditional bars have too much drop and too much reach and when you try and bring the brake lever towards the rider the brake lever runs into the bend radius and twists side ways on the bar.

Easton believes that given the relationship between the height of the saddle relative to the height of the bars it is necessary for the riders comfort and position. As to why more manufactures have not designed a bar that addresses this need, I cannot comment. All I can say is Easton listened to the riders and developed a new bar. As a matter of fact it is the Equipe bar that is being ridden by the Phonak team in the 2004 Tour De France.



2005 CHERRY CREEK TIME TRIALSEntry form and release will be posted the 15th of January. Don't delay once the forms are on the website. Time slots will fill up quickly. Thanks.

As seen on www.americancycling.org today...

yee haw...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

LA Bailing on TDF

This might be driven by Discovery and could be a great thing. If Discovery covers all of these races we might get to see a ton more cycling on the tube. Obviously this could engender many more would be cyclists.

As for Redlight, nice work by the hometown press scooping the world with the quotes!

Thursday's Eurofile: Armstrong's '05 plans still not certain? Lelangue moves quickly at Phonak: "The Tour of Flanders, Amstel Gold Race, Li�ge-Bastogne- Li�ge and why not Paris-Roubaix?' Armstrong suggested. 'There are a lot of races I would like to do. There's also the hour record. That would be great, too. I'd also like to take on the world time trial championships, too.' "

Topolino 700C Cincher Wheelset - Topolino Technology

Not the same high zoot profile as the Neuvations but the Kevlar Spokes are cool.

Topolino 700C Cincher Wheelset - Topolino Technology: "Unique materials, featuring carbon and Kevlar fibers, produce a singularly smooth ride. Our teams and individual athletes report a new level of confidence and control, allowing them to ride longer and stronger. "

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I think were going to need some new tires

We are going to need some new tires to ride in this crap. It's 2 degrees with a couple inches on the ground. Whats worse is that there is nothing to read about, no races to debate no nothing. This is the time of year that you have to dig deep and pedal hard in the basement.

Fight On

From this point forward, please address all correspondence to me with my new title as
“Back to Back National Champion”.

That is all.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Bike for 2005

My new, all carbon, climbing rig. You geeks will be laughing so hard that I will be at the top of Deer Creek before you can compose yourself enough to turn a crank!

CyclingNews Reader's Poll

According to CyclingNews readers, Lance was the "Rider of the Year" over Damiano Cunego, and three Lance "moments" were the "Best Moments" in 2004. Read the full articles over at www.cyclingnews.com. As big a Lance fan as I am, I would have to give the "Best Rider" trophy to Cunego or Bettini for consistency and results throughout the year. I'd lean towards Damiano, as who at the beginning of the year would have predicted Cunego to win the Giro and other world cup races and to finish the year at #1? At 23 years of age? Wow.



Rider of the Year Results
Votes %ge

1 Lance Armstrong 427 34.6
2 Damiano Cunego 257 20.8
3 Paolo Bettini 105 8.5
4 Davide Rebellin 59 4.8
5 Stuart O'Grady 33 2.7

Best Moment Results
Votes %ge

1 Lance Armstrong winning Tour stage 17 against Kloeden 107 10.6
2 Lance Armstrong's sixth Tour win 102 10.1
3 Alpe d'Huez time trial 62 6.1
4 Magnus Backstedt winning Paris-Roubaix 58 5.7
5 Thomas Voeckler hanging on to Tour yellow jersey 47 4.6

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

It's Official. 7:00pm Thursday, January 6th will be the airing of "Pro - The Movie" in Redlight's basement. Hammerson will bring the movie, you supply the booze and chips (note: Fabio will have enough tofu and carrots for everyone!) This promisses to be a great flick and get us all fired up to hammer in the basement. If you are going to attend, you must leave a comment so that we have enough seats.

Pro - A Feature Documentary: "the superstars of professional bike racing: Bobby Julich, Chris Horner, Freddie Rodriguez, Mike Sayers, Gord Fraser, Henk Vogels, Mark McCormack, Jonas Carney, Trent Klasna, Michael Creed, Erik Saunders, Tim Johnson and more. These superstars and their teams star in �PRO�, director Jamie Paolinetti�s follow up film to the cult phenomenon, The Hard Road. "

ABC News: People of the Year: Bloggers

We are cooler than you! Nothing like being able to proclaim the Title of ABC News' Person of the Year!

ABC News: People of the Year: Bloggers

Monday, January 03, 2005

Neuvation Cycling Wheels

We saw these hoops at the Denver Veloswap. They have a good look and profile. The company is kind of small time so I am a little concerned about what you would be buying. They are some cheap wheels when you compare them to 2005 Kysriums and the like. Let me know what you think.

Neuvation Cycling� Wheels

We Kick Ass!

If you Google the misspelled "Oscar Ferier" you get Banshee Cycling as a No 3 choice. We kick ass!

Thanks to SF Ray for finding this little jem.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

First Post of 2005...

Goes to RideTrek. I hope to begin 2005 the same way I ended 2004, with a ride. I had a glorious spin around HR and Lone Tree Friday. It was a bit windy, but the sun was out and the riding was good. Rode a 21 mile course all in the big gear. Of course, when I got home I had lunch and a big fat serving of Haagen Daz (fast and fat), I also had a fatty dinner with Dirt and Mrs. Dirt. We had just about everything except Crisco and sour cream. I am open for a Jan. 1 ride if any of the rest of you are able to pry yourselves off the couch. See you on the road.


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