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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Eddie would go

Where were you when the sun rose this morning?

Redlight, Hammerson and yours truly were logging some foundation miles out at Meridian. Needless to say, it is cold before the sun rises. This was evident in the frost on Carla's fork. Surfers have a saying for going out in tough conditions, "Eddie would go." With a nod to the late, great big wave surfer Eddie Aikow, this morning "Lance would go".

Friday, October 29, 2004

Candian Banshees?

These guys look like us!

2004 JETFUEL professional cycling team

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Quick, get a kleenex

Given the sprint stages, we can expect to see more pictures like this

2005 Tour route announced

Only three mountain finishes. Lets see if LA can sprint!

2005 Tour route announced: "Tour de France organizers have cut down on the mountain finishes and individual time-trials for next year's race in a move which could help Lance Armstrong's rivals prevent the Texan winning a seventh Tour."

And the climbs:

The main climbing difficulties on next year's Tour de France announced Thursday:

9th Stage (Mulhouse)
Col de Grosse Pierre (955m) 3.1km at average gradient of 6.4 percent
Col de Bramont (956m) 3.4km at 6.5 percent
Le Grand Ballon (1,338m) 21.9km at 3.6 percent
Col de Bussang (731m) 6.2km at 4.5 percent
Le Ballon d'Alsace (1,171m) 9.1km at 6.8 percent

10th Stage (Courchevel)
Cormet de Roselend (1,968m) 20.1km at 6 percent
Courchevel climb (2,004m) 21.8km at 6.3 percent

11th Stage (Briancon)
Col de la Madeleine (2,000m) 25.4km at 6.1 percent
Col du Telegraphe (1566 m): 12km at 6.7 percent
Col du Galibier (2645 m): 17.5km at 6.9 percent

12th Stage (Digne-les-Bains):
Cote des Demoiselles-coiffees (1,067m) 4.6 km at 4.8 percent
Col Saint-Jean (1,332m) 13.2km at 4 percent
Col du Corobin (1,230m) 12.4km at 4.5 percent
Col de l'Orme (734m) 2.7km at 3.9 percent

14th Stage (Ax-3 Domaines):
Port de Pailheres (2,001m) 15.2km at 8 percent
Ax-3 Domaines climb (1,372m) 9.1km at 7.3 percent

15th Stage (Saint-Lary-Soulan)
Col du Portet d'Aspet (1,069m) 2.7km at 8.4 percent
Col de Mente (1,349m) 7km at 8.1 percent
Col du Portillon (1,320m) 8.3km at 7.2 percent
Col de Peyresourde (1,569m) 13km at 6.9 percent
Col de Val Louron-Azet (1,580 m) 7.5km at 7.9 percent
Saint-Lary-Soulan climb (Pla-d'Adet) (1,669m) 10.7km at 7.6 percent

16th Stage
Col d'Ichere (674m) 4.4km at 6.2 percent
Col de Marie-Blanque (1,035m) 9.3km at 7.7 percent
Col d'Aubisque (1,677m) 16.5 km at 7 percent
Col du Soulor (1,475m) 2km at 5.5 percent

Check out stage 11, Col de la Madeleine and the Galibier - that will be awsome.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I Ride a Litespeed and Blow the Crap out of Ducks - read PETA hates me

These losers need something productive to do, like devlop a shotgun holster for my Arenberg

LITESPEED BIKES WINS PETA'S ANNUAL LITTERBOX AWARD FOR AD DISRESPECTING WILDLIFE: "Chattanooga, Tenn. Local bicyclemaker Litespeed hasn't won any customers among animal protectionists with its ad showing a dead opossum who has been run over by a bike. The ad went over like a flat tire with sympathetic cyclists like Richard Marks, who was so outraged that he set up an online poll to demonstrate that most bike enthusiasts weren't impressed. For attempting to increase its sales with commercials that truly stink for animals, Litespeed has won PETA's annual 'Litterbox Award.'"

VO2 Max

As many of you know, I have been chasing this heartrate thing for some time. Today I met with a cardiologist, Dr. Friedrich, who looked everything over and said, no problem with the high heart rate. But he also said that a VO2 Max test would determine optimal heart rate training ranges specific to my physiology.

So what exactly is VO2 Max:
VO2 Max: "Fitness can be measured by the volume of oxygen you can consume while exercising at your maximum capacity. VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen in milliliters, one can use in one minute per kilogram of body weight. Those who are more fit have higher VO2 max values and can exercise more intensely than those who are not as well conditioned. Numerous studies show that you can increase your VO2 max by working out at an intensity that raises your heart rate to between 65 and 85 per cent of its maximum for at least 20 minutes three to five times a week. A mean value of VO2 max for male athletes is about 3.5 litres/minute and for female athletes it is about 2.7 litres/minute."

This is a pretty good page regarding VO2 Max and how to use it. Now scroll down and see that our boy LA has a VO2 Max of 80+.

To be announced.....

All right freaks, the 2005 TdF route will be announced tomorrow. This could be the route that LA takes his seventh. This, I believe, would become an “unbreakable” record.

Where do you think the tour will go? Mountain top finishes? Ventoux? Le Alpe d’Huez? How about some pave? Either way, I look forward to the discussion and analysis of the route.

I also think I heard the OLN will do a route discussion on Sunday evening.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Davis Phinney RFTR Recap

From Davis himself on Cycling News. See it here:


New LA Interview

Cycling News interviewed LA in Austin recently for a two-part article published starting today. According to CN:

While at home in Austin, Texas, Lance Armstrong took the time to talk to Cyclingnews' European Editor Tim Maloney about the ToH, Livestrong, his sixth Tour win, Discovery's line up for 2005, the Simeoni incident and much more in this two part interview.

Read the first part of the interview here http://www.cyclingnews.com/riders/2004/interviews/?id=lance_armstrong043a.


10/30 Saturday Ride

Thinking a 7 am start. Wide open from there. Thoughts/suggestions?

Goal Event for 2005

So in planning a goal event for next season, I am curious about Team Banshee's plans for next year. There are so many events to focus on. Having a goal event is what keeps me motivated to ride through the winter..that and the thought of Fabio trying to pull away on Deer Creek!

I want to see some comments on this one.. as such, if you read this, I want to see a comment.

Cherry Creek TT
Elephant Rock
Triple By-Pass
the Bob Cook
LAF ride in Aspen
Park to Park
Ride for the Roses
What about trying a criterium?

Radio Armstrong

Damn, this will cost me more money!!!

Radio Armstrong: "The six-time Tour de France champion has penned a deal to host a weekly yet-to-be-titled radio show on satellite radio provider SIRIUS set to debut later this year. Armstrong will be one of handful of top athletes hosting their own program which will include a mix of music, interviews and call-ins from listeners. "


You car rack will now come from Sweeden.

Bloomberg.com: U.K.: "Candover Investments Plc, a U.K. buyout firm, agreed to buy Thule AB, a Swedish maker of car racks, trailers and snow chains, for 465 million euros ($595 million).
Candover is buying Thule from EQT Partners AB, a Stockholm- based buyout firm backed by the billionaire Wallenberg family. Thule, which has been owned by EQT since 1999, had sales of 2.2 billion kronor ($310 million) in 2003.
``Thule holds global market-leading positions and has considerable opportunities for expansion,'' John Arney, a director at Candover, said in a statement.
Buyout firms typically fund two-thirds of each takeover with loans and then seek to expand their companies before selling them within five years. UBS AG and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc are arranging loans for the Thule takeover."

Monday, October 25, 2004

New crank concept

We saw and tested these new cranks at Veloswap. These are the "rotor" system setup that claims to eliminate the deadspot in the top and bottom of the pedal stroke. This accomplished by having the cranks "roll forward". Notice in the photo that the bottom crank is straight while the top of the crank is canted forward. Seems like it will work. At a grand a copy, it won't work for me......yet.

Also, that is the top of Aaron's head in the photo!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

This is fun

Toured Veloswap and enjoyed finding the following website being promoted.

Believe Tyler

This is blind faith if there ever is such a thing. In the face of facts, these guys take Tyler at his word. I think we all really hope they are right and look forward to hearing his defense.


Monarch Record Tied

57 Minutes
Fast or Fat

- G

Soccer Sucks

With a nod to our cycling brothers in Euro where they actually like this game, I hate soccer. It is a cancer on sports.

Take, for instance, the Saturday morning training rides. These are all governed by the time in which we must be back for (insert child’s name here)’s game. Ask Koehler how much he likes waking before it is light outside just to get a ride in. Worse yet, soccer neccessates a link on my browser favorites for the sunrise tables in Denver all because of soccer. How many more hours of rest could I get if I didn't have to ride so early?

Soccer is a game in which the crappy players can hide on the field without embarrassment. Cycling isn’t so kind. I guarantee you that if you show up for a ride, those wheel reflectors will stand out. Further, you get dropped. The flip side is that in cycling if you are embarrassed, you can make a comeback, ala Thomas Voekler, and be considered a hero. Not so in soccer. You just stand around on grass.

Soccer has no gear. No titanium cleats, no heart rate monitors, no rear cluster or cool new hubs. What do you suppose soccer players talk about between games? “Man, I have really got to get a new front left spike for my shoe?”

And what about America’s past time? While an argument can be made for how boring baseball has become, I can relate to it's storied history and tradition which is similar to cycling. But soccer has managed to deplete the talent pool for baseball players in America. Legions of children are playing soccer over baseball because they are just plain lazy.

The net of it all is soccer sucks. Redlight will try, but there is no explanation that supports any redeeming value to standing in a field hoping the ball goes the other way.

With that said, the sun is just coming up so I am off to ride Monarch. I hope I can get back in time for our game today.......


Friday, October 22, 2004

Phantom Creek....er Creak

As some of you may know, the Wire Donkey started making a horrendous noise while we were in Austin. I was thrilled, NOT. I thought it was the bottom bracket and was annoyed as I had just had her tuned at Bicycle Pedal’r. I was convinced that the tune-up had caused the problem.

In talking with Ed, I brought the bike back to have it looked over. Ed patiently spent an hour and a half tearing apart the cranks and looking at various parts within the bottom bracket. I watched everything myself and nothing seemed amiss. We then worked over all other parts with only the cleats on my shoes somewhat loose.

With everything tightened down, I took her out and pounded on the roads for a minute or two. The creak had run in fear.

Thankfully, I think the problem was in the cleats and not the bottom bracket.

After working on this with Ed, I recommend that if you take your sled to Pedal’r you get Ed to work on it. The guy is thorough and experienced.



Here is what our boy from Texas claims are his numbers. As they say, a century a day keeps the doctor away.

Key Stats
Lance at a Glance.

Resting heart rate: 32-34
VO2ml/kg: 83.8
Max power at VO2: 600 watts
Max heart rate: 201
Lactate Threshold HR: 178
Time Trial HR: 188-192
Pedal rpm's during TT: 95-100
Climbing rpm's: 80-85
(sometimes faster when attacking)
Average HR during endurance
rides (4-6 hrs): 124-128
Average watts during
endurance rides: 245-280 watts
Training miles/hours,
endurance rides: 5-6 hrs / 100-130miles

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Yankees of Cycling

Holy Joke. Danielson to Discovery!!

Cycling, bicycle, Eurosport, live, tour de france, giro, vuelta, UCI, armstrong, virenque, Athenes 2004: "Also signed to 2005 Team Discovery Channel contracts: Yaroslav Popovych (UKR), Paolo Savoldelli (ITA), Leif Hoste (BEL) and new American recruit Tom Danielson, 26, making the switch from Fassa Bortolo."

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Define "Comfort"

The following is a little treatise in the most recent Bicycling Magazine that you might have missed. The beauty is in defining comfort.

Forgive me, but putting "comfort" and "bike'; in the same sentence, I just can't make it add up.
If I want comfort, I drive my Ford F-150 to Cracker Barrel, park as close to the door as I can, and comfort myself with a chicken-fried steak dinner with all three sides, sweet tea, and brownies and ice cream for dessert.
But if I want a bike, I'm thinking about this: Cyclists love to suffer. We love agony, misery, sweating and drooling and pushing ourselves past our limits and into the even more painful recesses of the unknown.
You don't believe me, think of the cyclists we' idolize. Take French champion Thomas Voeckler. When the climbing brutes of the Tour de
, France dropped him last July; he would cock his head to the side, grind through unfathomable reservoirs of pain and, by god, fight his way back to keep the yellow jersey. We didn't watch him and think, if that boy only had a tush-sensitive seatpost or more neck-friendly geometry, he wouldn't be in so much pain. No way. We wanted to go out and ride ourselves into a hurt just like his.
Because in our real lives, we get dropped all the time-something goes wrong at work; something breaks at home; we get sick-and precisely because our sport requires us to suffer, we can say, "Okay, I've been dropped, but I'm not going to stay dropped. I'll go through hell to catch back on, to reaffirm to the world around me that I'm still riding strong here, I ain't never gonna quit."
I don't know about you, but that's the kind of comfort I'm looking for in a bike. -Mike Magnuson

Can you believe he beat Redlight??

Good write up on the Bob Cook by Tom Danielson, the current record holder. Love the quote:
Tom Danielson: "But if there is a road going up a mountain (that maybe shouldn't be there a.k.a Mt. Washington!), then why not have a race up it?"

Redlight never had a prayer. Maybe Koehler should have lead him out like Wilk did for Danielson.


Business Oppurtunity

Could be an oppurtunity. I can see a magnesium Huffy!

KUNC: Bicycle Maker Huffy Files for Chapter 11 (2004-10-20)

Hamilton Post

Tyler's got a new letter up on his site. Not much new information but he writes as if he will be dropping a bombshell on the case.
I have been wondering what you do with your time while waiting on the outcome. From his site he states:

Tyler Hamilton: "Since that time, I have made three trips to Switzerland to meet with my team, a trip to Madrid to congratulate my teammates on a podium finish and five stage victories at the Vuelta Espana, a trip to France to conclude filming of the IMAX project �Brain Power�, and have traveled to the Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas. "

I am hopeful that he does have something new for us soon. I want him to be cleared. Right now, the facts are against him.


2005 Ride For The Roses - I'm in

I registered this morning for the 2005 ride weekend. Go to www.laf.org to sign up. Join the Peleton Project if you have not participated before, or sign up for 2005 from your existing Peleton Project account. I hope to see you on the course in October 2005.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Carmichael a Banshee???

Do you think Carmichael is a Banshee?

2004 Ride For The Roses Weekend Recap

I must say that this was my favorite organized ride experience ever. It was fantastic to have a large group in town for the ride. The atmosphere of the event and the attitude of the participants, volunteers and others in attendance was amazing. Some highlights from the trip:

  • The road trip crew of myself, Dirt, Barry and Carol had a great experience in the van on the way down to Austin from Colorado, and on the way back. Lots of things could go wrong, or nerves could get frayed after spending 34 hours in the car with 3 other people. This never happened on our trip.
  • The Tex-Mex was fantastic - I ate nothing but Tex-Mex from Friday at lunch through Monday at lunch. We subsisted on Taco Cabana and Chuy's.
  • Dirt was the life of the party throughout the weekend. I have never seen anyone more excited to suffer and ride a bike in my life. Greg laughed for approximately 90 of the 100 hours we were together. He even had a smile plastered on his face while he was sleeping. Greg would have ridden his bike to and from Austin if we would have let him.
  • The ride was a blast. Dirt and I rode the entire 105 miles together - you never leave your wingman. Dirt, Barry and I sang during the majority of the ride. The heat was oppressive, but the comraderie and spirit of the ride overshadowed any negatives.
  • Carol, Barry and I completed our first century together. Carol wins comeback rider of the year for completing the ride. Most of us thought she was toast after 65 miles, but then she pulled out a whupping stick and laid waste to the rest of the course. Husband of the ride goes to Barry for riding with Carol for the last 40 miles.
  • PJ rode strong. Everytime we turned around PJ was rolling in just behing me and Dirt. He completed the ride in his backup shoes and after a mechanical issue with said shoes. He certainly looked like he could have kept going. He's okay Cutler.
  • My friend Ray from San Francisco completed the 70 mile course in the blistering heat at 60+ years of age. I only hope that I can ride like Ray in 25 years!
  • Richard Cull came down and volunteered for the LAF while we were riding. It was great to see Richard and to have him around.
  • I felt great for the first 90 - 95 miles of the ride. I have never felt more prepared for an organized ride. Thanks to Dirt for towing me in over the last 10 or so miles.
  • The Conversation With Lance was excellent. It was great to hear LA talk and crack jokes for 90 minutes. Ann Curry was a bit of a spaz.
  • The Powerbar Expo was great. It was not the largest bike show or event, but the booths and presenters were quality.
  • Will Ferrell was hilarious as the 43.5 President of the United States. His W impersonation was fantastic.
This was my second year attending the RFTR weekend, but this was a far better experience because of the many great friends that I was able to share the experience with.

Lastly, the many cancer survivors participating in the ride or volunteering were an inspiration to all of us. To see people that had survived multiple cancers, nine brain surgeries or other obstacles so pumped, or trying so hard to complete the ride was awesome.

Thanks to all,

Dirt mid-hammer

Dirt mid-hammer
Originally uploaded by Hammerson.
Fantastic picture by Barry behind his back of Dirt on the course. I would have been in the shot, but I was in front of all of them.


The Joy of Being Greg

Originally uploaded by Hammerson.
This is my favorite picture from the weekend. This picture perfectly explains Greg's demeanor throughout the trip. Greg was one hit of speed short of bouncing off the ceiling throughout the weekend. His positive attitude was infectious, and I would not have had anywhere near as good of a time without his presence.


Banshees post-ride

Banshees post-ride
Originally uploaded by Hammerson.
Here's the group after the ride. Everyone survived and kicked ass. Ray, Carol, PJ, Richard, Barry and Dirt before packing up and leaving the post-ride party. It was still brutally hot. Everyone was looking forward to a shower and some Chuy's.

Hammerson post-ride

Hammerson post-ride
Originally uploaded by Hammerson.
Richard post-ride and pre-beer. I didn't feel like a hammer at this moment.

Dirt post-hammer

Dirt post-hammer
Originally uploaded by Hammerson.
Dirt immediately after his 105 mile journey on the Ride for the Roses course. Still strong.

Full-on Roadie

Full-on Roadie
Originally uploaded by Hammerson.
We never would have believed it, but Barry has become a roadie. Check out the tight road bike shorts, lack of full-face shield, roadie jersey, etc. The one remnant of his mountain background is his 50 lb. backpack/Camelback.

Pre-ride at the hotel

Pre-ride at the hotel
Originally uploaded by Hammerson.
The Banshee team at the Austin Hampton downtown at 6:00 am. On our way to the Travis County Expo Center for the start of the RFTR.


I am in - S-works

I am in to this blog. Took some effort but I am a blogger! Now for the 'bad' news, the name that was attempted to be assigned to me was previously used, so I am s-works.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Philosophical Question

Why does a man ride 100 miles in 100 degree heat with a constant headwind? So he can wash down a TC bean & cheese with a Shiner Bock, of course.

Livestrong Bike

Me touching LA's bike he used on the Champs in the 2004 TdF: the Livestrong model. This is truly hallowed ground.

beans, chips, gauc, cheese

Dirt and Carmichael. According to Chris's new book, Chuy's and Taco Cabana are purveyors of perfect cycling food....beans, chips, gauc, cheese and especially sour cream.

Stalking Sheryl Crow

Aaaah yes, I was stalker distance from Sheryl Crow. Just 8 mere seats seperated us. Crappy picture but trust me (I have witnesses) this is Sheryl's head.
Photos by Dirt

The Goove, Bike Stoke & Texas

What a trip. We just spent 16 hours driving through the prairie and all I can think about is getting back on the Wire Donkey. As Flat Girl can attest, I have a very serious case of “bike stoke” going on.

Next year we must all plan on going as is it a “not to be missed” adventure. The key ingredient was the group of kick ass cyclists that we are and the awesome groove we all got by working full time on our passion. All bike, all the time.

Lessons learned: Many that will be posted over time. Off the top of my head:

1.You can touch wheels and not crash
2.Altitude training on Monarch is an awesome way to destroy all the Texas fatties
3.Singing at the top of your lungs while riding is possible….at lower altitude
4.Texas just smells bad
5.Flat Girl is tougher than you
6.We rule

A big “hats-off” to Hammerson (Ride Trek’s new nick name) for organizing and inspiring the ride.

…….now, where is the Wire Donkey.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Ride Baby!

The century was one of the flat out funnest that I have ever done. The hot, humid and very windy weather made it difficult. The groove of the riders was truly exceptional. Everyone it seemed was having a very good time. Our boy Richard through down some huge pulls in the very hot and windy flats that were the strongest of his career. The hill at about 90 miles was a crusher that destroyed the field. Richard and I hammered up this hill while dudes were dropping and walking.

Ride of the day honors go to Flat Girl for a huge rally. At about 50 miles, it was time for Carol (Flat Girl) to hop into a sag wagon. Instead, Flat Girl nutted up and hammer out the last 50. Truly impressive.

Richard and I put in a 18.4 mph average time in the rough conditions which I was pleased with. Lots of long pulls with slackers sucking wheel. We got a little arrogant and Richard fired up the "Bike"pod that allowed us to listen to music for the whole ride. The high point had to be Richard, Barry and I in a paceline, singing to the bikePod while passing people left and right. We rule.

We closed the day with a Chuy's run. Now it it is time to sleep.


Lance at the RFTR

Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Lance addressed the 8,000 cyclist prior to departure.

Banshee cycling team

Banshee cycling team
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
The Banshee team pre-ride (race). It was 80+ degrees, humid and windy at 7:00 am. The temp hit 90+ degrees during the ride/race. Brutal.

Ann Curry and Lance

Ann Curry and Lance
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Ann Curry from the Today show was the moderator of the "Conversation With Lance".


Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
LA himself.

The band of bands

The band of bands
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Approximately 2,000 peleton project members wearing their LiveSTRONG bands at the "Conversation With Lance".

Conversation with Lance

Conversation with Lance
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Here's the crew at the "Conversation With Lance" sponsored by Wells Fargo. It was a great night.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Town Lake

Town Lake
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
The boys by the lake (Town Lake). Richard, Dirt and Barry on the bridge. What a great morning ride!

The Capitol

The Capitol
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Barry, Carol and Dirt at the Capitol.

Carbon and Capitol

Carbo and Capitol
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Here's Carla (Trek 5500), the Texas Capitol and a few state troopers. The troopers where shocked when Richard locked up his wheels and stopped at a red light (only after seeing the troopers). As some of you know richard was also recently pulled over by a sheriff in Highland Ranch. Renegade cyclist!

The Kids in the Hall

The Kids in the Hall
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Barry in full face helmet and Dirt doing wheelies in the hall of our hotel. It doesn't get any better than this.


Austin Ride

Rode a little warm up this morning. Beautiful way to see a town. We managed to stop at one stop light because of the cops. To this cops remarked that they had never seen a cyclist stop at a red before! God I love to ride.

We worked some of the beer and Chueys out of our system. Can't wait to ride tomorrow. Now we are off to the expo and have the presentation by Lance tonight. While Austin seems more like a running than a biking town, it is awsome to ride this hallowed ground.

Friday, October 15, 2004

The Trip

Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
It was a long drive, but the minivan was plush. Those in the back watched concert DVDs and listened to iPod tunes. The Banshee team stayed in luxurious accomodations in Amarillo on the first night of the road trip.



Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Here's the crew at Chuy's in Austin. The Banshee team with Barry's college friends. Everybody ate lots of carbs. Dirt ate sour cream, chips, cheese, beans, guac and he drank copious amounts of alcohol. You're either getting fat or fast. In this case maybe both. The Banshee team has scheduled a 7:30 am ride tomorrow. Out.


Banshee team arrives in Austin

The Banshee team has arrived in Austin. Let the Lance stalking begin. We're off to Chuy's to feast on Tex-Mex.

Later, Richard

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Are we not stalkers????

Word has it that the RFTR delagation has the approximate address of our boy LA. Kind of like the hollywood star map!

Off we go!

UCI Elite Men's Rankings 10/10/04

Only one American and one flying Dutchman in the top 20. Sad.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bike Lust

Maybe carbon is soon to go the way of Titanium. We deserve, no need to get one of these new Magnesium rides from our boys at Pinarello. With the oversized bottom bracket, a la Cannondale, and this new badass material, I think we could all take one more nano second off our TT times!

"The Pinarello FP is sculpted out of Magnesium AK61 alloy to offer maximum comfort and absolute stability. Using its cutting-edge oversized (M.O.st) bottom bracket shell, the Dogma FP features oversized tubing in the key areas - chainstays, seat tube and down tube which allow you to crank out pedal force like no other bike! "


Goodbye US Postal....

Hello Discovery Channel. US Postal got a win in their final race of the season and as a sponsor of the USPS pro cycling team with a win by Max Van Heeswijk in the Putte-Kapellen race in Belgium. Max was first on the team in wins this year, with 13 to LA's 11, and he's Redlight's favorite Dutch US Postal rider (wait, is he the only one?). Winning the Putte-Kapellen is less prestigious than a 6th TdF, but hey Max had a great year. Get more details at VeloNews.


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ride for the Roses 2003 Picture

Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Here's a close up picture I took when I met Tyler Hamilton at the RFTR last year.

Tyler has had a rough year. Let's hope everything works out for the best for him. The current chatter is fairly negative regarding his potential for a doping suspension. He doesn't seem like the type.

Good luck Tyler. Hope to see you in Austin again this year.


Did Tyler Cheat?

So the big question is.."Did Tyler cheat?" The facts are clearly stated in today's Velonews post.

"Hamilton is facing up to a two-year ban after a backup test taken at the Vuelta a España confirmed an initial positive test that showed evidence of banned blood transfusions. Hamilton was allowed to keep his Olympic time trial gold medal despite failing an 'A' sample after testers inadvertently placed second 'B' blood samples in a deep freeze, rendering red blood cells unusable for follow-up tests.

Hamilton has vehemently denied he injected someone else's blood into his system and has promised to challenge the validity of the testing method to prove his innocence."

Unless there is foul play or a faulty test, as much as I don't want to, I have to rely on the facts as we know them. His reputation says that he didn't do it, I don't want to believe it and I hope he can clear his name. But for now, I think he did it.


Ride for the Roses (RFTR) UPDATES

Look for daily posts from Dirt and RideTrek from the RFTR weekend. You might see pictures of travel points of interest, scenery, drunken debauchery, Austin landmarks, great cycling, friends, celebrities and maybe even Lance. Check back starting Friday to see RFTR updates.


Ride for the Roses Solidarity

The Highlands Ranch team traveling to the Ride for the Roses in Austin this weekend is looking for suggestions to help the team make a statement and increase team solidarity.

Suggestions under consideration are: shave heads, shave legs, common jersey, common bike marking or riding topless (nixed by Carol).

Please use the comments section to offer additional suggestions. We really need your help. Thanks


Morning Rides OVER!

Outdoor riding is now limited to daylight hours only. Did a 5:30 am tour through Chatfield with PJ and all the wild animals this morning. It was COLD and DARK! No moonlight, no sunlight, no lightning bugs, only the trusty bike light to guide the way. I had to ride to work in the car with the heater and heated seats on to recover from the cold. The next outdoor ride will be the Ride for the Roses century, unless we can convince someone to motor pace us on the drive down to Texas.


Whoa...Look at them Vectors!

You wanna bet there is some bitterness at Trek about the wheelset on the Tour of Hope sled?

Monday, October 11, 2004

CyclingHour radio show

Unknown to most, there is a radio show here in Denver on Saturday mornings at 8. Too bad that we are usually in the saddle when this is on! Its is hosted by the owners of Wheatridge Cyclery.

1650am at 8 on Saturdays.


Sunday, October 10, 2004

Tyler Hamilton Signs With Compex

This thing reminds me of the machines for your abs!

2004 Olympic Cycling Champion Tyler Hamilton Signs With Compex

Redlight Ignites!

Now we know why Redlight didn't show this morning. He was on his own death ride!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

New Pedals on the Saturday Ride

48.5 Miles/2:45/17.4 mph Richard/Randy/Redlight and me. The rest of you all got fat.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Great Service - Bicycle Pedal'r

Just had a great experience with Ed and Steve at Bicycle Pedalr on Wildcat. I was having trouble putting new pedals on the Wire Donkey. I called at 7:05 pm but they close at 7. They kept the doors open and took care of swapping the pedals on the Wire Donkey. Pretty cool that they would stay open for a $5 pay day. Thought you all should know about this little piece of customer service.

Ed is the tall skinny guy that owns the place. Steve is the wrench with the wild tats.

Bicycle Pedal'r of Colorado

Feeling no pain.....what a dumbass!

A good day for American cyclists

Lets hope Horner can kick some ass and do us proud!

www.usacycling.org -- Horner signs with Saunier Duval

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Hi, just a thought, but since we're all sort of new to this, should we tell everyone who we are?

Redlight = Erik Hekkert
Indigo Hills, Highlands Ranch
Litespeed Vortex (the blue blob)

Denver Veloswap

The Denver Veloswap is coming to the National Western Stock Show events center on October 23rd. It will be your chance to ask Tyler to his face if he doped his blood. Could be really cool. Check out their site at www.veloswap.com.

Richard and I are pulling Mr. Mom duty that weekend so we will be taking the kids.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sunday Ride 10/17 - Ride for the Roses

100 mile ride. Easy pace. Come see Lance, Streech, me and all your favorite cyclists in action in lovely Austin, TX. 6,500 Peleton Project members will be riding distances between 6 and 100 miles to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Visit www.laf.org to learn more. Look for us there. Streech and I will be the guys in the century with the yellow wristbands.


10/10/2004 - Sunday Ride

Thinking Monarch Loop at 2.

10/09/2004 - Saturday Ride

Looking to do a 50+ mile ride Saturday Morning. Meet at 7:00 am at the Indigo Hill sign. Gonna be flat, easy pace (17± mph) base milage ride. Ideas...takers?

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