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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Do you think my fascination with big honking slabs of rare meat is what has caused my recent and regretable mental condition that has kept me off the bike?

Cycling & Track Racing, Vegan-Style!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In preparation for 2006

In preparation of the upcoming 2006 Team Banshee race season, I would ask each of you to spend a fair amount of time reviewing the document from this link, (http://www.wada-ama.org/rtecontent/document/2006_LIST.pdf).

I for one would not want anyone on my team at a competitive disadvantage. So, you better figure out which ones might be finding their way into your h2o bottle, and what masking agent you will be using as your recovery drink chaser. I have already identified at least 3 or 4 items in section S6 that I might have to sample. Additionally, sections S1 and P1 have their own performance enhancing merits.

Enjoy the light reading and the late night 'cocktails', just make sure you dump the needles at the 'dentist' office.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I feel like Fabio. Traveled 7 out of the past 8 weeks, with two personal trips on weekends mixed in for good measure. Managed to keep getting miles in until the past two weeks. No rides at all. Finally got out this weekend for two 40+ milers. I was missing the bike in a big way. 28 days to Austin. Back in the saddle. Giddyup!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Redlight on IR

Of all things, soccer did in the Euro in me...

Two weeks ago, I was kicking a soccer ball around during my daughter's practice (I'm the coach). Anyway, taking several long shots, I felt a twinge in my right groin/quad area. I felt some soreness during the following softball game but figured I was OK.
Last Sunday I played another softball game. On a run to first I starting hopping on one leg about half way there. I apparently made it worse, and then some.
Now I feel the soreness during regular daily activity and I have lost all of the already dismal running speed I had. I don't seem to be bothered on the bike, as long as I push down on the pedal. Pulling up is not working. I can not stretch my quad by pulling my ankle up behind me without significant tightness and pain.

So I am taking 2 weeks off. I had a "designated runner" during last night's softball game. I will attempt light spinning on the trainer just to stay somewhat in shape, but other than that it's ice on the leg and Haagen Dasz to comfort me...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Rhymes with EPO

A rider who's thought to be shifty
Who's ease on the bike is too nifty
Will say with a smile
As he ticks off each mile
"My hematocrit's just below fifty!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

TH Update

hmmmm - it is difficult to not read between the lines on this one.

Hamilton case heard, but not finalised
Tyler Hamilton's appeal to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) was heard last week between September 6-8 in Denver, USA. However, according to a CAS statement, "The arbitration was then adjourned with the agreement that it would be resumed at a later date for the presentation of additional evidence and closing arguments. The date and location of the second hearing have not been fixed yet. The parties have agreed that they would not make any public statements concerning this matter until the final decision of CAS."

Bye-Bye Phonak

Better get your jersey and BMC bikes now.

The big news of the day is that Oscar Pierro is leaving Phonak and has inked a two-year deal with Illes Balears (musta been the helmet). He and other top Phonak riders have been given the go-ahead from team management to go out and sign new contracts, because the future of the team is in doubt. Rumor - and it's only a rumor, so take it for what it's worth - Floyd Landis is speaking with Discovery about coming back to the team for '06. Who knows? It's an interesting thought, though.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Wonder where he learned that?

Heras took the overall lead in the Veulta yesterday. One has to wonder if 1) is the Vuelta that much easier 2) is the level of competition significantly lower or 3) does Heras focus on the Vuelta rather than the Tour or Giro?

Furthermore, what a fun little quote he had:

Heras races to front again at Vuelta: "'The difference of this Vuelta has been the team. You don't win a race alone, but with nine riders,' said Heras, who finished 32 seconds ahead of Samuel S�nchez (Euskaltel). "

Do you think maybe he learned those team tactics from Postal and is just now implementing them? Tranquillo Roberto!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The latest challenge

Highlands Ranch cycling club is hosting a time trial up Deer Creek.

On Wednesday, this week, at 6PM, they will be riding from the parking lot by the Lockheed Martin sign (just after the uphill starts) up to the Phillipsburg area. It's basically half a Deer Creek run, but it will be timed. They expect only about 10 people or so to race, and apparently you don't have to be a member. So, any of our tough guys ready?

Also, Fabio's personal race mechanic (yeah, he was hired for other reasons...) told us that his team has yellow start and finish lines on Deer Creek. I couldn't find them, but apparently they ride between the lines in 29 minutes. I started from the downhill end of the Lockheed Martin parking lot and stopped the clock just past the yellow sign at the top in 32:28. I don't think I've ever ridden Deer Creek faster, never seeing less than 10mph until the steep area, and keeping it at 9 or above there.

Anyway, the challenge is on. I say we go out and put down a Banshee marker at the top and bottom and start our own timing.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Read the caption CAREFULLY

Check it out...


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bored with Retirement???

Velonews has some sensational news here today about LA coming out of retirement. I don't really believe it but I love the quote from Bruyneel.

Is he serious? Armstrong comeback talk causes ripples: "'I haven't spoken with him today, but it's nothing new,' Bruyneel said. 'He started training three weeks ago and it shows he's getting a little bored with being retired.' "

Bored with retirement???? Is this like the carpet commercial that is now running where the older retired couple is sitting around doing bonzai and japanesse painting and the man says to the lady, "you know, inner peace is kind of boring."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tattoo Trashed

Hammerson and I rode off at about 7AM Monday morning for a 40 mile Cherry Creek ride. Great weather, strong pace and some good BS-ing. On the way back, we took the C-470 trail to Colorado onto HR Pkway. At the University intersection, three dudes were waiting to turn into our direction.
They got the light first, but we gave chase immediately. Passing them on the downhill, two of them came back and hammered past uphill. We upped the pace and soon had one of them crying for help. The only one remaining was a tattoo-sporting dude on a Bianchi. I maintained speed to slowly reel him in and pass him.
That's when Hammerson put it down and cruised by strong all the way to Broadway. What an effort after a strong ride. I didn't have much left to get up Broadway, but it was well worth it. Chasing and crushing someone makes it all worthwhile.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Dutch for White Minivan

This one is for Redlight.

Of course this is a dutch site. What other nationality would pull such a Jackass style move..........oh yeah, Texas.

Be patcient when you click the link. It takes some time to load. If the video doesn't start, you need to click the work Afspelen.


Tommy D gone Euro????

I couldn't believe it when I read Tommy's quote in today's Velonews.

Vuelta Notebook: Paco finally gets one; Danielson wont ride world's: "'It's a flat course that doesn't suit my style,' Danielson said."

What does he mean, "doesn't suit my style"!!!!! Get on your bike and ride you skinny little geek! I think too many frites may have dulled the boy's fire and he is going all euro on us.....or maybe he was misquoted; one can hope can't they?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

3 Days of Monarch and How Fabio's Neighbor Almost Killed Me

Scene of the crime
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Your roving blogger checking in from Hill City, South Dakota. Late to post from Friday due to our little road trip.


Yes, rode Monarch in the dark again on Friday (third day in a row). And yes, Fabio's shit-for-brains (SFB) neighbor almost killed me. Cruising up Lucent toward Broadway at about 5:45. Fully outfitted with lights, etc., when Fabio's neighbor comes cruising out of the neighborhood by the fire station in a girly Lexus SUV masquerading as a white minivan. SFB never looks my direction but he/she sees two cars turning from Broadway onto Lucent and tries to roll the stop sign to beat them onto Lucent. Unfortunately for SFB, a cyclist is also approaching the intersection and is strategically located in front of his grill. Yes that was me MOTHERFUCKER. I had to swerve into the traffic lanes to narrowly avoid being an ugly hood ornament for the Lexus, while SFB finally found his/her brakes. I then look back angrily and watch SFB mentally counting my insurance settlement prior to again attempting a left on Lucent. I will swear to my dying day that it had nothing to do with the darkness. I had my light on full high beam and shook it back and forth as I approached the intersection. SFB never even looked my way.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. The amazing sunrise from the top of Daniel's Gate was beautiful.

Back from SD tomorrow. See you boys on Monday morning.

Finally, my kind of race...


4 bottles and a Coke...

and I was still thirsty...

Started the "death ride" at about 11:30 today, after several annoying but unavoidable delays. Great idea to ride it in the heat of the day, right?

Anyway, good time up Deer Creek with 1:08 (my record stands at 1:04), and a short 30 second stop. Grinding up High Drive, with the usual dog scare to help keep the heart rate up (as if it's necessary up there). A great downhill into Evergreen, and a 10 minute break at the same gas station as before. That is where the bottles come in.

I had drained two bottles before I got to the gas station ($2.97 for regular, by the way). I refilled them both, finished the 1/4 bottle of Gatorade that took, and drained a can of Coke. By the time I was starting up Lucent, the bottles were empty again...

Leaving the gas station, this girl on a nice Pinarello rode by. Excellent motivation to keep the speed up to the turn for Parmalee Gulch. I passed her in Kittridge (?), but she didn't follow me up the Gulch. Which was a good thing, because it allowed me to just grind out my speed into a steady headwind. After a nice downhill, it was the Turkey Creek Road roll up to the back of Deer Creek. Someone turned just ahead of me, so I put the hammer down (what I had left, anyway) and caught him about half way up. No stop at the top, I rolled down and then it was a steady but somewhat slower pace all the way home.

Refreshments at home came in the form of ice cold lemonade from a stand run by several kids including Mary Streech. They promised my $5 will go to the Red Cross to help with Katrina victims. Laying in the grass sipping icecold raspberry lemonade, what a way to end the day.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Blowing my wad...

See the fullsize image on Velonews, under their EuroBike 2006 article...

Monarch again

Got lucky last night... and as a true cyclist I mean I managed to slip out and ride. 84 degrees, windy, and Monarch loop was just fine. 1:02 total time, there are just too many traffic lights.

Saturday: departing my house around 10AM if anyone wants to come along

Sunday: any suggestions?

Monday: Hammerson and I are riding to Cherry Creek at 7 AM

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Heras is a Head Case

How can someone suck so bad in the Tour and then dominate the Vuelta? Heras is either psyched out by Lance or France. Not sure which it is. He obviously likes to ride in Espana. I'm disappointed he put 1:40 into Tommy D today. I was hoping that Danielson would show his climbing legs. He is still hanging in 11th place. We'll see how he does as the Vuelta continues. I think Tommy D is too nice to be dominating. He only races hard when he has Redlight in his sights. Maybe he hates the Dutch? Who knows?

Monarch First Tracks

As is typical when Fall arrives and the sun sleeps a little later, so do all of the fat, fair-weather cyclists. Once again this morning, I made first tracks on Monarch. Saw a few riders on the way down the hill by the school, but none until then. Always feels good to ride in the morning. 52 days to the Austin ride. Dik or Snel.

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