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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Floyd Crushes Stage 3

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FL brought out the whupping stick and may have won the ToC today. CSC and Disco each have three men in the top ten on GC, but Phonak and Floyd have the coveted top spot. Only four other riders came in within a minute of Floyd's time, and many riders finished 4:00 - 5:00 minutes back. Those still in contention boil down to Zabriskie, Julich and Hincapie, but Phonak would have to fail miserably to blow Floyd's lead over the remaining stages. Leipheimer laid an egg and then blamed his light weight for his poor showing. Weak.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

George in Gold

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....takes over the GC lead heading into the stage 3 TT.

George wins Stage 2 at ToC

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George beats Horner to the line in San Jose. With the 10 second bonus for winning the stage....

Monday, February 20, 2006

ToC Stage 1

Stage 1
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Juan Jose (J.J.) Haedo crushes the competition in the sprint to easily win stage 1 of the Tour of California. Haedo gets the first real win for Toyota-United in the first stage of their first real race. Not bad.

Hincapie came across in 5th.

Big Time Cycling in the USA!

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Leipheimer wins the Prologue. Americans in the first five positions. Four Disco boys in the top 10. Danielson 11th. Not bad.

On my way to Cali on Tuesday for work. Wish I could play hooky and jet over to the ToC.

Somebody remind Levi that the TdF is in July. Good to see him in shape. Wonder how Fat Jan is doing?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When a Hot Chick doesn't help

This is a photo from today's Davitamon-Lotto Team Presentation. The kit/tie combo is so euro and so bad, not even Ms. Belgium can help.

In for a penny, In for a pound

So I get this email today. It seems that Johnny Bank has caught the Triple Fever as well. Dude threw down with an entry. Looks like the crew is growing.

Hey Fabio, be a man and cancel the family vacation to ride!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sweet Escape

Ever have one of those days when you just don't really want to be where you have to be? I was kind of slumming through my morning, with simple, boring and uneventful procedures to perform. Then, an opening in the schedule. We were done early and a slight afternoon change provided just the window I needed.

Home, change, hop on and ride, baby. Monarch loop, 60 degrees, blue sky and just a little wind, 1:04 total ride time, hop in the shower and back to work. Yeah, that'll make my day.

That, and I get to skip the basement tonight.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Early Season Ride

Ahhh, Roodlicht and I departed this morning on an early season training ride of roughly 25-30 miles. My bike wore her new shoes, but sadly Roodlicht's wore her old training wheels. Still have not seen the new Ksyrium ES wheels in person.

The ride was nice and it was great to get out on a beautiful but cold day. Roodlicht is typically playing down any early season form he may have. Don't let him kid you about not riding. As he drops me on the Meridian hill, he discloses that he has been riding at least three times a week on the trainer.

Just getting started this year. A little more than 20 weeks to the Triple. See you on the road!

P.S. Was honked at for the second ride in a row for no good reason. You gotta love ignorant car and truck drivers.

Friday, February 10, 2006

New patient slow down program

Fabio's new hire (not the blonde bombshell), Brandon, was in this morning at 7AM. The only patient that shows up with a bike on his roof while it's snowing. We talked a little about his riding (he prefers mountain biking), his racing and the Meridian training rides. He said this past season, there was an ambulance out there almost every week. He recommends the rides, though, as a great way to get fit, stay on top. Multiple groups peel off for a recovery lap (or two, or three) and then join the back when they're below their redline. Maybe we should give it a go this year.

Anyway, Fabio, I made sure I medicated him, so he should be slower now (jk).

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hammerson, Jib, and now this

Last night, I was having a "comic" moment describing the "kuiltjes" to Stacey. Eventually, I told her this story:

Adam, at Bicycle Pedal'r, can see Hammerson coming from miles away. He immediately shouts at a staff member to put something shiny out in front of the show room, cause when Hammerson walks in, it's SOLD. (Hey, all of us want it, he goes for it)

At this point, Stacey says "that should be his nickname, SOLD"

See you on the road, Sold, if I can keep up with that ever sexier, ever lighter machine.

Jim Price's Killer Sentenced

Yesterday they sentenced the kid who killed Jim Price on the warm-up hill. The following is the link to the Denver Post version of the story.

DenverPost.com - LOCAL NEWS: "A Mountain Vista High School senior will spend spring break in jail and at least 300 hours trying to persuade other teenagers to pay more attention to the road than their cellphones."
Personally, this seems to be an appropriate punishment. The Killer admitted his mistake, didn't hide or try to shirk responsibility and most importantly, it was an accident. Spring Break in jail, 300 hours of community service seems appropriate. Even the family members the post interviewed felt that jail was not appropriate. Thoughts?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Shoes

New Shoes
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Ok, you got me. It was new shoes for the postal bike. What was a man to do? Sold one set of Ksyriums on eBay, and received an unsolicited offer from a friend to buy the other. A lightbulb immediately went off at the prospect of new wheels. Besides, after selling Carla and all of her parts, the USPS bike was lonely. You know how women love shoes....

Took the new shoes and the compact cranks for their maiden voyage today. Very smooth!

See you on the road!

Fabio XL

Some good laughing going on at some commercials. The one with FABIO cracked me up the most so far. Guess it's better to have an inside angle.

Kuiltjes Part Deux

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A wider view of the kuiltjes. Any guesses?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Strength to Weight Ratio

I had read in "Lance Armstrong's War" that Dr. Evil uses a viscous 1K climbing test to determine the fitness of his riders and whether or not they had a chance to win the Tour. To this end, he used a calculation of Strength to Weight formula. On the net I found a chart of strength to weight to help determine where you are. I created it in excel than pasted below. I am afraid to think of how bad I am right now. I'd rather think of how good I will become!

Maximal Power Output (W/kg)
5 Sec 1 Min 5 Min FT
24.04 11.50 7.60 6.40 World Class
23.77 11.39 7.50 6.31
23.50 11.27 7.39 6.22
23.22 11.16 7.29 6.13
22.95 11.04 7.19 6.04
22.68 10.93 7.08 5.95
22.41 10.81 6.98 5.87
22.14 10.70 6.88 5.78
21.86 10.58 6.77 5.69 Domestic Pro
21.59 10.47 6.67 5.60
21.32 10.35 6.57 5.51
21.05 10.24 6.46 5.42
20.78 10.12 6.36 5.33
20.50 10.01 6.26 5.24
20.23 9.89 6.15 5.15 Cat 1
19.96 9.78 6.05 5.06
19.69 9.66 5.95 4.98
19.42 9.55 5.84 4.89
19.14 9.43 5.74 4.80
18.87 9.32 5.64 4.71
18.60 9.20 5.53 4.62 Cat 2
18.33 9.09 5.43 4.53
18.06 8.97 5.33 4.44
17.78 8.86 5.22 4.35
17.51 8.74 5.12 4.26
17.24 8.63 5.02 4.17
16.97 8.51 4.91 4.09 Cat 3
16.70 8.40 4.81 4.00
16.43 8.28 4.71 3.91
16.15 8.17 4.60 3.82
15.88 8.05 4.50 3.73
15.61 7.94 4.40 3.64
15.34 7.82 4.29 3.55
15.07 7.71 4.19 3.46 Cat 4
14.79 7.59 4.09 3.37
14.52 7.48 3.98 3.28
14.25 7.36 3.88 3.20
13.98 7.25 3.78 3.11
13.71 7.13 3.67 3.02
13.43 7.02 3.57 2.93 Cat 5
13.16 6.90 3.47 2.84
12.89 6.79 3.36 2.75
12.62 6.67 3.26 2.66
12.35 6.56 3.16 2.57
12.07 6.44 3.05 2.48
11.80 6.33 2.95 2.39 Fatass
11.53 6.21 2.85 2.31
11.26 6.10 2.74 2.22
10.99 5.98 2.64 2.13
10.71 5.87 2.54 2.04
10.44 5.75 2.43 1.95
10.17 5.64 2.33 1.86


Check out this website that is a power calculator.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Como se dice......

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Up, Up and Away

Look at this profile! Climb till you can't breathe, then climb some more!

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