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Thursday, December 30, 2004




Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Holy crap...

OK, so I got the cyclo-core exercise DVD. Popped it in this morning, and did the three circuits that are only about 1/3 of the DVD. I am in pain...

My legs feel like rubber, and I worked out 2 hours ago. I can't think about what I'll feel like tomorrow. However, I believe the guy, it'll make me stronger. It's exactly the muscles that hurt after the triple bypass (yes, ALL of them).

There is a malfunction on the DVD right before the cool down, so I'll get it exchanged before distribution to other masochists...

By the way, he also involves the bike, but most exercises are on the floor, based on yoga, functional training and who knows what other torture.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

From Monarch

From Monarch
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
For anyone reading these posts that does not ride with us, here is the beatiful scenery we enjoy while out on the bike. Besides the obvious pleasure and benefits of riding, it is a bonus to ride in such a beautiful area. Enjoy!


Dirty Feet

Dirty Feet
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
As I said in my prior post, it was messy out there today.

Merry Monarch To You

Monarch Hill
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
While 33% of the world was celebrating the miracle birth of a Jewish carpenter, this heathen was out on the bike. What a glorious ride! Not cold at all, but messy with all of the gravel and melting snow. I'll post a few other pictures from the journey.

Happy Holidays,
RideTrek (Richard)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Gotta love it

Jonesin' for a ride Dear fellow cyclists, My name is Megan Hottman, I am a competitive cyclist, hoping to go Pro within the next two years. I'm also an attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, and I work for a judge in the local courthouse. Since my employment began there in August, I have encountered an amazing amount of smoking inside the building. Now this may seem like an absolute absurdity to those of you living in California or Colorado, but these are the conditions in which I am forced to work each day.
I get to breathe second-hand smoke all day and people look at me like I'm crazy every time I suggest that it is somehow wrong and that other parts of the country don't even allow smoking in restaurants and bars. You know what the biggest defense of this situation is? "Well, smokers are addicted, they can‘t help it."
I will go to someone's office for a meeting, or to discuss something that needs to get accomplished, and their co-worker informs me, "oh, they'll be right back, they're taking a smoke break."
I would like to pose a question to my fellow cyclists: Are we not "addicted" to riding our bikes? Aren't we "addicted" to exercise and the resulting endorphin rush? Yet, we aren't given license to get up from our desks, despite the amount of work awaiting us or the people in our offices waiting to see us, because we are "addicted."
How is it, that society condones less work from an individual because of an "addiction"? Why should we not, promptly at 10:15 and 3:15, get up from our desks, switch out our dress shoes for our tennis shoes, and say in an exasperated voice "I can't do that now, it's my exercise break. I've tried to quit, but I can't. It's an addiction."
Oh, and by the way, I do know my body odor may be offensive to some, but come on... compare that to stale cigarette smoke.
I'd pay to see the jaws drop in response to a nationwide cycling revolt. The cyclists that take "smoke breaks" to go get their 15-minute bouts of exercise. "You say you want a revolution?" Arise fellow cyclists!

open season

Hello all,

'T is the season...

The Stonewall Classic (Cuchara Pass, South Colorado) is on the web, open for enrollment. They're hosting us maniacs August 13, 2005. Randy and I mastered this ride last year, it's gorgeous out there, with great people organizing the event. Let's get some folks together and go enjoy it.

The Cherry Creek Time Trial will be on the web late January or early February. It's first come, first serve and they will fill up. You have to send in the registration the first day it's out there, so we'll keep you informed. These guys (ACA) also run the Mount Evans Hill Climb for the real masochists among us, and it happens sometime in July (2 weeks after the Triple Bypass).

Better stop eating those christmas cookies and start training... I just got the Cyclists Training Bible as a gift, I have the CTS training manual and am waiting on the Cyclo-Core DVD. Now if only I could figure out where my bike is...

Cycling Double Feature

Dirt and I have been discussing a double feature showing of PRO and THE TOUR BABY before the end of the year. I'm curious as to who is interested and what dates next week that we could gather. Add your comments and we can coordinate where and when.

For more information on the movies:



Tuesday, December 21, 2004

CTS and other training options

I now have a patient I really like. He's sending other patients, but most of all he hooked me up with a free 4 hour evaluation by CTS down in Colorado Springs. I'll be going sometime next year. Too bad I'll probably get hooked on their training system...

Also, I ordered a "cyclo-core" DVD with "no bike" training info for the winter. It's all about core muscle exercises that are going to help in the spring. It involves very few weights and a balance ball. Once available, I'll have Kill Bill copy some for us all. I wouldn't want to have an advantage.

1.5 hours on the trainer during monday night football. heavy gears for muscle building, HR up at 175 for intervals. stay away from christmas cOOOOkies (right, Dirt?)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Weekend Rides

Rode Monarch on Saturday and Sunday (fast). Felt great riding in the warmer weather looking at the snow-covered peaks. I've now ridden outdoors 4 times in December (which is 4 more times than last year). Fat or fast!


C-40 for sale

Check out this sweet ride. Colnago C-40 in the Mapei colors which made the trek to Austin.

Ray Henry (works with Hammerson) is selling the frame. He's still working on a price but I thought I would put it out there with his details.

It is the Colnago 56 full carbon C-40, 1000 miles in immaculate condition, limited edition (500) commemorative frame celebrating Oscar Ferier’s (sp) world championship with the Mapie and World Championship colors. I will sell the frame, with a new (still in box) Campy or Colnago head set and seat post.

Let me or Hammerson know if you are interested and we can set you up with Ray.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

"It's Pantani and Lance......goooohoho"

For those who have seen "The Tour Baby", you know this quote. It's Scott Coady screaming at the top of his lungs for Pantani and Lance as they battled up Ventoux. I have just watched the scene again for the millionth time and it still sends chills down my spine. If you are unmoved after watching this brief sequence, it is time to sell your bike and buy some golf clubs. If you haven't seen it, stop fooling around and get the DVD. www.thetourbaby.com

Friday, December 17, 2004

New Discovery Kit

The formal introduction of the team and the new kit is 1/10/2005. Go to www.thepaceline.com to see details.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Can you imagine how hungry the Pros must get? I have read that a pro will burn 10,000 calories per day. How can you physically feed that amount of caloric requirement? Since bumping up my pathetic training I get hungry all the time. And we are only talking about 2,000 to 2,500 per day! I bet the Pros get so hungry that they start to digest their own stomachs.

Off season Training

How about a little inspiration? A little off-season training guide.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

No Gifts?

News briefs: Qu�bec ruled out for '08 Tour start; Armstrong sues former employee: "Lance Armstrong is suing a former personal assistant who claims the six-time defending Tour de France champion owes him $500,000. "

Pudding anyone?

Nothing like the off season and a good eating binge!

Friday, December 10, 2004


I think he was on the Alp d'Huez when LA rode by.

I'll bring the popcorn

From Hammerson. Looks like a pretty good movie.

Pro - A Feature Documentary: "the superstars of professional bike racing: Bobby Julich, Chris Horner, Freddie Rodriguez, Mike Sayers, Gord Fraser, Henk Vogels, Mark McCormack, Jonas Carney, Trent Klasna, Michael Creed, Erik Saunders, Tim Johnson and more. These superstars and their teams star in �PRO�, director Jamie Paolinetti�s follow up film to the cult phenomenon, The Hard Road."

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

TH Update........absolutely nothing new!

Since TH is slow to put up new info on his site, I thought it worthy to blog his latest.

Tyler Hamilton: "As of November 25, 2004 I am no longer a member of the Phonak Professional Cycling Team based in Switzerland. "

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Dutch Altitude Tent

The latest training tool to simulate a low oxygen environment.

Monarch - Sunday

I rode on Sunday around noon. The weather was fantastic. The sun was strong, and I actually rode without my arm warmers on the way home. It felt great to be out on the bike. I probably saw 4 - 5 other riders while I was out. Fat or fast?

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Rode Monarch today....rather, Monarch rode me. Strong head wind going up, not too cold. So four other riders out. I am sure they were training for the triple.

So I ask you to reply, what did you do to get faster today?

Tax Dollars at Work

As many know, I am thoroughly disgusted with the ineptitude with our local and national leadership. Below is a link to one of the many examples of their failure. I can't think of a logical reason for 21 pages of bike manufacture regulation....on a federal level. Wouldn't the time, energy and money wasted on this crap be better spent providing a flu shot for the very poor? It is time to RISE UP............

2002 CFR Title 16, Volume 2

Thursday, December 02, 2004

My Current Training Program

I really need to get going.

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